WIAW #42: unusual eating

Good morning folks and Happy Wednesday to you all!

Today’s post is a little different in the sense that I wasn’t that hungry yesterday so my food definitely reflects that. I don’t what’s up with me lately, but I’ve gone from always wanting to eat to not. I don’t like it because I know I’m not eating enough. I also have been eating very few fruits and veggies lately. I wanted to share this before posting what I ate so that the people reading this don’t think that it’s what they should be eating. What I Ate Wednesdays are meant to show what someone truly ate in a day. I’ve always looked at WIAWs as a way to show that it’s okay to slip up and that some days don’t turn out as you originally planned them. There’s always tomorrow to start eating more fruit or more veggies. I’m going to make an effort to add more fruit and veggies into what I’m eating because I know I feel better when I eat them.

Thanks to Jenn for creating this link up that allows for us to showcase what we ate in a day with “no judgement, comparison, restriction or guilt.” I love the way Jenn describes WIAWs, which is where I’m quoting the previous sentence from. You can read all about it over on her blog!

And now without further ado, let’s get into what I ate yesterday!

What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday

Late Brunch: chocolate caramel protein zoats with some greek yogurt mixed in to make it even creamier12092386_10156781011680377_1891703821_nPre-Supper Snack: two toffifee’s (my favourite chocolate!)12067906_10156781011685377_1560347248_nSupper: homemade chicken nuggets with potato wedges12084054_10156781011675377_1781610937_nSnack: another toffifee and a Double Chocolate Chip MyProtein Cookie10530674-4924293039135708

Those were my eats from yesterday! Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!

Have you had a day where you didn’t eat that much?

How do you incorporate more fruits and veggies into your food intake?


7 thoughts on “WIAW #42: unusual eating

  1. Some days are stomachs just aren’t there with us. I find they always catch up though, and I appreciate your honesty and vulnerability. Plus, I love a girl who eats potatoes. #spudlove.

    Happy WIAW and thanks for linking up.

  2. There are days where I’m starving & days where the thought of food sounds horrible. It’s completely normal. I’ve learned just to go with your instinct. If you crave something eat it.. and if not.. well don’t.

  3. I love how mindful you are of ensuring you eat enough. I have struggled with an eating disorder so now that I am better, I am adamant on eating enough calories very day. Love that you are bringing attention to this Kaitie!
    Hopefully your hunger picks back up soon!

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