Snow Day

Hi friends! How is everyone’s hump day going? I just thought I would pop in to talk about what happened yesterday!

In my four years of being at university, I’ve never seen a full day cancelled because of snow. I’ve had classes cancelled or the morning cancelled, but never the full day. Well that all changed yesterday! We had a full snow day!! I figured they wouldn’t cancel the morning classes, but would probably close campus for the afternoon and evening. I woke up at seven to an email saying campus was closed for the whole day. I was so happy! On one hand, I wanted to go to class (especially rock climbing), but on the other hand I didn’t. I rolled back over and slept in until nine My belly was rumbling so I headed down to breakfast. As much as I knew I needed to get work done, I relaxed the majority of the day. I did do an Insanity workout that kicked my butt in the afternoon though! I was so sweaty and my face was really red when I finished.


After supper, we had a PartyLite party in the house. It was fun to get a little group of people together for a couple of hours. I ended up ordering this really cool massage candle. You burn it for ten minutes and blow it out. You can take the oil and massage it into your skin! It smells and feels so nice on the skin! I’m excited to receive it!


I also wanted to talk about the amount of snow we ended up getting yesterday. It was blowing all day and we definitely got a lot of snow. This is a lot from morning to the evening. My car is on the left in the second picture. Talk about fun cleaning that out today. It wasn’t too bad since the snow was really light and fluffy. It’s been snowing most of today too, but not nearly as much as yesterday. We’re suppose to be getting more on Friday and Monday. It’s crazy to think that we barely had any snow this time last week.



Enjoy the rest of your day!


New Week, New Me

Hello Everyone! How is your Monday going?

My Monday has been pretty going well; I had a lab at 9:30, a class at 11:30, and am just waiting for my last class to start at 1:30. I’ll be hitting up the gym afterwards and I am so excited. I’ve been wanting to sweat it out all weekend. I think I’m going to focus on lower body today! After the gym, I have some work I seriously need to get done. I also want to get some stuff organized for the next few weeks.

This weekend was busy, but relaxing. I babysat on Saturday for eight hours. They had me running all over the place. Waking up early was hard, but always being on the move woke me up pretty fast. Following babysitting, Matthias and I ventured out to Boston Pizza for supper. We were going to go see the Wedding Ringer, but it had started snowing pretty bad when we left for the restaurant so we decided to do the movies another night. They have a new 10 for $10 menu at BP and I ordered something off of that. I decided on the Santa Fe Chicken Quesadilla with Sweet Potato Fries. I devoured it as soon as it came to the table so no picture to post. Here’s one from the website. Driving home afterwards the roads were pretty slippery so I was happy that we decided to postpone the movie.

On Sunday, I slept in and it was wonderful. Following brunch, I tried to do work, but my motivation has been low the past couple of weeks. We had a Q&A session for people in the house that are applying for an RA position. It was a really good session and the residents that came seemed to get their questions answered. Following this, we had our weekly house team meeting. This is one of my favourite things of the week because all 10 of us are together and we talk about any issues, but also hang out. The meeting ran a little late so I couldn’t make it to indoor field hockey this week which kind of blows, but it is what it is. We are planning a superbowl party, so we spend a lot of time discussing ideas for snacks. I really want to make a Snackadium and a Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake Ball! Does anyone else have any plans for Superbowl Sunday?


Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake Ball:

And that brings us to now! Class is about to start so I’ll end it here. I hope everyone has a great Monday!

Friday Favourites #7

Good Morning! How has everyone’s week been? I am so happy today is Friday, this week has felt super long for some reason. I have been itching to do a Friday Favourites post so here it is! It’s hard to believe I haven’t done one since the day I left for uni last August!

A huge thanks to Heather for hosting this weekly link-up!

Friday Favorites Link Up Winter

1. Neil Patrick Harris Choose Your Own Autobiography

NPH: Choose Your Own Autobiography!

I’ve been a fan of NPH for as long as I can remember. My sister gave me this book for a Christmas present this year! I didn’t read much over the break, but since being back at school and wanting to procrastinate, I find it hard to put down. I used to love the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books growing. I do have a confession though. I’m not following the choose your own method, I’m just reading one page after another. I just don’t want to miss anything!

2. Rock Climbing

We have activity courses you can take at my university and since I needed to pick up one more course, I decided on rock climbing. We’ve had four classes to day and it’s so much fun! There’s a route that a few of us have been working on since the first class, but we can’t seem to get it. They take all the holds off and recreate routes for a competition the first week of February so I have two weeks to get it! I haven’t really done something like that so I love the challenge I get from the course.

3. Netflix

I’ve been watching Full House with Matthias most nights and just turned on Friends. I love that I can watch some of my favourite old shows! 28c79aac89f44f2dcf865ab8c03a4201

4. Good Food

It’s hard to eat well at meal hall and I’m finding it extremely hard eat well. I’m hoping to stop eating so much junk in order to feel full. If anyone has any tips please let me know! I’m really going to try and find ways to eat better. Going out last Friday and having really good food made me very happy!

5. Buzzfeed

I always finding myself on Buzzfeed these days. I love being able to go on and read about pretty much anything. In class when I’m bored I’ll go on waste time. I know I probably shouldn’t, but I can’t help it!


Weekend Recap

Good Afternoon! How was everyone’s weekend? I had a fun, relaxing one.

Friday night, I had a date night with my boyfriend Matthias. We went to a German restaurant that he had been really wanting to go to. He’s from Germany and here for a year being an RA and going to school so he was really missing the food he usually eats. It was my first time eating German food and it was absolutely amazing! Hands down my new favourite restaurant!

After we were done eating, we went home and started watching the first Harry Potter movie. I quickly realized how tired I was so we headed to bed a little earlier than usual.

Saturday afternoon we had RA training for a few hours. Following this, a group of us headed to the gym. I did legs with a focus on my quads. Saturday night, Matthias and I were on duty together so we hung out all night. We did a few rounds, but the house was pretty quiet with no issues. Shortly after midnight we headed to bed.

Sunday was another lazy day. We went to a couple volleyball games in the afternoon. After supper we lazed around. We had a meeting at eight and after that I headed to the first indoor field hockey night of the year! It was awesome playing again, but only four others showed up so that sucked. I’m hoping next week there will be a bigger turnout.

Now it’s Monday and I’m done with classes for the day. I really need to get my butt in gear and crack down on some readings. I also have some assignments sneaking up on me. I’m hoping to get organized today and get some started.

Let me know what you got up to this weekend! Have a good day!

New year, new goals

So I realize 2015 started a week ago, but I figure it’s never too late to have new goals to reach for.

1. As it is my last semester, I really want to stay on track with my grades. My marks from last semester put me on Dean’s List so I really want to keep my grades up so I can end up there at the end of the year. One issue I had last semester was senoritis. The second week in, I just didn’t really care. My classes were really interesting, but I just didn’t want to do the work. This led to doing assignments the day before. I’ve always said I work better under pressure, but I never liked staying up until the early morning hours to finish something. This semester, I’m hoping to get started earlier on assignments and projects.

2. The age old go to the gym more goal. I’m usually really good at staying on track until midterms and papers start piling up. One plus this semester is that I’m taking a climbing course where we spend the majority of the class bouldering. This means on Tuesdays and Thursdays I don’t need to worry about going to the gym, the class is a really hard workout. That being said, I want to go Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and maybe one day on the weekend. I’ve lost muscle mass and definition that I want to get back. I’d also like to be able to run longer so I’m going to work on that.

3.  I also want to worry less. I know this is going to be hard to do, but I really want to make an effort at doing it. I often worry about pointless things like what people think or that I could have said something wrong. I want to work on living more in the moment. One thing that I have been worrying about constantly is what happens after I graduate. My mom has been on my case since Christmas and it’s really starting to get to me. My biggest fear is that I can’t find somewhere to work that involves my degree.

I figure three goals are enough to keep me accountable. What are some of your goals?

Guess who’s back, back again?

Kaitie’s back, tell a friend! (Sorry I had to use the Eminem lyrics)

That’s right though, I’m back! Well I’m going to try. I know I haven’t written anything since the summer, but one of my resolutions is to blog more. I have seriously missed it. For today’s post, I thought I would share with you some things that have happened since the last time I posted.

1. I have finished 7/8 of my degree! That’s right, today is the start of my last semester of university! It’s hard to believe that in four months I’ll be done. It’s also super scary because I’m not really sure what I’m going to do after. Although, I do have something I can start with…

2. I’m a certified personal trainer now! I passed the certification process back in November and over the Christmas break I got my official certificate and card! I might look for something this semester and put this to work.

3. I dressed up as 1/3 of the Three Blind Mice for Halloween. My two friends and I decided on the costume. We made the tutus ourselves. It was one of my favourite Halloweens. (I’m on the right)

I just realized now, I could have done this in order by month, but whatever. I do my own thing haha.

4. I’m working with the best group of people. In August, I moved to a new residence as an RA. I love our team and we have a lot of fun together!

5. We had one of our best field hockey seasons in a long time! As a club team, we don’t usually beat varsity teams, but this fall, we beat one! I’ll never forget that day. Also, during the championship weekend, we almost beat another one to finish in third, but the other team ended up scoring with about ten seconds left to go up one. I still would have liked to see if we could have come out on top, but it was one great season. Where it is a club team, community members can play so I’m trying to figure out a way that I’ll be able to play again next fall. I’m not ready to stop playing! On a positive not, indoor starts next week!

That’s all I have for you today, I have to go get ready for class. I’m hoping to get a schedule figured out for posting so I don’t go four months again! Have a good day!

I’d love to hear what you have been up to!