Currently Marvelous

Good Morning! Happy Monday to you all! Did you have a good weekend? Mine was a mix of relaxing and a couple outings. It had a nice balance!

Since it’s Monday, I’ll be recapping my weekend and sharing some marvelous things in my life. I’m linking up with Katie for Marvelous in my Monday and Erin for Weekend Snapshots!

Friday: Matthias and I did our usual food shop Friday morning. When we got home I knocked out a pretty killer back, hamstrings and glutes workout. The rest of the day was spent either on my computer or eating (no surprise there). Friday night we got döners which were delicious! We also spent some time going over speaking German. I’m not confident in my speaking abilities at all so this was challenging for me. Nonetheless, it was beneficial and we’re going to start doing it more!6

Saturday: it was a pretty relaxing day on Saturday for us here. I did a shoulder and ab workout in the morning. In the afternoon, I attempted to make healthier brownies. That ended up being a big fail! I didn’t leave them in long enough, but I was starting to get frustrated with them. Hopefully my next batch will be better! I skyped with my sister in the afternoon which was nice, but after anytime I skype or facetime with people back home, I get really emotional after we’re done. For dinner that night, we went to a Greek restaurant with his parents to celebrate his dad’s last paycheck (he just recently retired!) Later on, we tried my brownies. They weren’t awful, I just need to tweak a few things next time! We had them with Half Baked B&J’s.12080906_10156775619790377_1453787352_nSunday: I got up earlier on Sunday to complete the same full body workout that I did last Sunday. I want to repeat it weekly or every so often to see if I can improve in the amount of rounds I can do! We headed out for the arena shortly after 12 so I needed to get up earlier than I’m used to get my workout in, but it was worth it! We went to a hockey game in the afternoon and Hamburg won! Matthias and his mom were very happy about that! I had never been to any kind of professional sporting event so I found there was a lot to take in! We had a relaxing evening when we got home so we could be recharged for the week!

Monday: I just wanted to share something exciting from today! Matthias’ mom and I went to a nearby town to a big supermarket. I finally found egg whites there! They’re meant to be for bakers to use, but they’re the same thing and I am so excited about it! Don’t get me wrong, I love normal eggs, but egg whites make french toast a lot better and I can make sweet egg white omelettes again!

Anyways, that’s my weekend in a nutshell! Let me know what you did this weekend, I would love to know!


2 thoughts on “Currently Marvelous

    1. I actually prefer under baked brownies, but these ones just didn’t turn out. That sounds like it would be good with zucchini! Mainly, just substituting with coconut flour and applesauce!

      Have a good day 🙂

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