Friday Favourites #27: Week of 10/9

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a fantastic week! I’m starting my weekend off with some grocery shopping and will be meeting up with some friends on Sunday! I’m looking forward to it! Do you have any exciting plans this weekend?

As it is Friday, I’m going to share some of my favourites with you! If you’re interested in seeing what other people have been loving, I’ll be linking up with Heather and Katie so you can head that way to see other people’s favourites! Let’s get into it!

Friday Favourites #27: Week of 10/9

  • B&J’s Karamel Sutra Core12067272_10156787175590377_387390468_nThis ice cream is my new favourite kind! My only complaint is that it could use more caramel. I love that the ice cream is hard, but the caramel is soft. Also, the chocolate chunks are delicious too!
  • 23 Pictures That Guys Will Just Never UnderstandThe hair tie struggle:I think there’s like 5-6 different hair elastic ones, but I agree with every one! I love Buzzfeed for making me laugh out loud!
  • Tanya Burr’s Chocolate Cookie Recipe(The above picture was taken from Tanya’s blog) These cookies are being made this weekend and I am so excited for them! I’ve watched Tanya on YouTube for a few years and love her bubbly personality. I’ve also seen Zoe Sugg (Zoella) make these before and I’m hoping mine turn out as well as both of theirs do!
  • Speaking of British people, I found a website that carries British foods and ships to Germany. Since making them last Christmas break, Matthias has been wanting to make Peanut Butter Balls again, but you need Rice Krispies for them which we haven’t been able to find anywhere! This website has them so I’m thinking of ordering some so we can make them!
  • Voting: In Canada there’s an election happening and since I’m Germany, I didn’t think I would be able to vote. However, there’s an option for people who are abroad so I was able to vote in the end! This made me really happy! It’s important to have an input in the future of your country. Young adults aren’t using their voices and voting is something you can do to have a voice. I’m proud to be able to vote and I think it’s something people (especially younger adults), are not taking seriously. I hope this election period shows that young adults do want to be taken seriously and that they rise up to vote! It’s a simple thing, but it can make a big difference!

That’s all from me today! Have a great weekend!

What’s your favourite Ben & Jerry’s flavour?


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