Friday Favourites #29: Week of 10/30

Good Morning! Are you excited for the weekend? Can we also talk about the fact that November starts on Sunday?! Where did this year go?

I can’t stay and chat too long as Matthias and I are heading out for our trip to Norway soon! Where it is Friday, I wanted to share some of my favourites from this past week. I’ll be linking up with Heather and Katie so if you’re interested in seeing what other people are enjoying you can head their way!

Friday Favourites #29: Week of 10/30

FF Banner Fall

  • apple protein dip

I found a new favourite way to eat my apples this past week. I’ve always been a fan of peanut butter for them, but I added some protein powder to make more of a dip and it turned out awesome! It tastes good and you’re getting a little extra protein in! Not the most photogenic dip, but it’s worth making to try!12181990_10156840608225377_521938306_n

  • Ritter Sport Honey Salted Almond Chocolate Bar

Matthias picked this out for me to try and I am so happy he did! I love mixing sweet and salty together with any kind of food. This was no exception to that love!12188307_10156840608220377_1493467149_n

I found this on pinterest and found it pretty funny! I think my favourite one is this one:


If I was this waiter, I would not be able to keep it together, I would be laughing so hard!

Since Halloween is tomorrow, I thought I would share this link in case you still need a costume! Speaking of Halloween, if you are participating in festivities and parties, please be safe and look out for not only yourself, but your friends too. I didn’t want to end this post on a somber not, but I thought it is worth mentioning.

Anyways, that’s all from me today! I’ll have our weekly meals up until today posted on Sunday and then expect part 1 of a recap of our trip on Monday! Have a great weekend!

What is the weirdest thing you’ve hear a child say?

Of all the costumes you’ve worn, which is your favourite?


WIAW #45

Good Morning! How is your week going? I’m patiently awaiting Friday when we leave for our trip to Oslo!

As it is Wednesday, I want to share with you what I put into my body yesterday. I ate some really good food that I enjoyed! I always love WIAW’s because I’m nosy and want to see what others are eating. It also gives me ideas for what to eat in the future. As always, a big thank you to Jenn for creating this weekly party and to Meghan for hosting this week!

What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday

Brunch: I had a later breakfast/lunch yesterday around 1 and it was delicious! It included butternut squash, egg whites with red pepper, and a runny egg on a piece of toast with smashed avocado!12182005_10156839859510377_1879269246_nSnacks: Matthias’ mom picked us up some apple muffin/cake things that were delicious! I also snacked on a couple of rice cakes. I had smashed avocado (can you tell I love it) on one with ham, cheese, and cucumber. The other one was the same, but with some cream cheese instead of avo.12177896_10156839859505377_543692599_n 12177995_10156839859520377_969106990_nSupper: we made spaghetti carbonara for supper and it was pretty good. It actually comes together pretty quickly so it was nice since I was starting to get hangry!12179717_10156839859515377_775053008_nSnack: I’ve been loving cereal as a bedtime snack lately! This is some kind of bran flakey type cereal with raspberries and milk.12179892_10156839859525377_1207854788_nThat’s all I ate yesterday! I hope you have a great day! Remember to go check out the link up on Meghan’s blog if you’re interested in seeing more food!

What’s your favourite rice cake topping?

Go to meal if you’re feeling hangry?

Exploring a New City

Good Morning! I hope everyone had a great weekend!

In true Monday fashion, I’ll be recapping my weekend for you today! This weekend was exciting because Matthias and I went to a nearby city for my first time. I’ll be linking up with Erin for Weekend Snapshots and Katie for Marvelous in my Monday. Now let’s get to it!

Friday started out as normal. We woke up, got ready and headed to get our weekly groceries. On our way, we stopped at the cutest little farmer’s market because I was on the hunt for spaghetti squash.12181812_10156831964040377_1270004608_n I wasn’t able to find any, but I was still in a really good mood. It was a beautiful day out, this place was absolutely adorable, and I was getting to spend the entire day with Matthias!12178290_10156831964075377_1428449459_nAfter picking up our groceries, we headed home to drop them off before hitting the road again. We were on our way to Lübeck! One thing I have been loving about being here, is seeing all of the old buildings and architecture. This city did not disappoint in these two things! 12177878_10156831964035377_1517312746_nWe walked towards the center of the city first. Stopping every so often so I could take pictures and marvel at the buildings.12179871_10156831964045377_264714038_n 12178059_10156831964085377_418756897_n 12177964_10156831964020377_288703749_nThere were so many churches that dated back a long time. We saw some that too over 100 years to be built! Matthias and I talked about we’re both curious how people would have built the buildings back in the 1400’s when they didn’t have the equipment that we have today. 12178010_10156831964060377_1581073334_n 12179028_10156831964090377_949733650_n12179304_10156831964050377_622459681_nI enjoyed looking up the narrow streets as we walked by them. Seeing the buildings curve with the street was really neat.12188520_10156831964025377_1642053893_nWe walked through The Holsten Gate near the end of our time in Lübeck. This gate marks the western boundary of the old center of Lübeck. 12179414_10156831964030377_713780071_n 12188432_10156831964070377_1104836342_nMatthias will say I liked Lübeck because I finally found a spaghetti squash at a little street market while we were there, but I would have loved it even if I hadn’t of found it. This city was really beautiful, spaghetti squash or not.

The rest of the weekend was pretty relaxing. Saturday we made homemade pizza and garlic fingers that we ate while watching Star Wars. We made our own dough that turned out really well! It’s my first time watching Star Wars and so far I’m liking it. Matthias is making sure I watch them all.saturdaySunday morning I woke up actually wanting to workout so I decided to do back and triceps. It felt nice having that drive back! The rest of the day was spent relaxing and watching hockey in the evening.

It was a great weekend! Have a great Monday everyone!

What do you like doing when you’re in a new city for the first time?

Do you have a favourite type of squash?

Weekly Meal Plan 10/25

Good Morning! I hope everyone is having a great weekend! On Friday, Matthias and I went on a little adventure to a nearby town that I can’t wait to share with you tomorrow! For now, it’s Sunday which means it’s time for me to share with you our dinners from this past week!

Weekly Meal Plan: Week of 10/18-10/24

Sunday: we kept things pretty light and quick on Sunday night. We had chicken salads with all kinds of vegetables. I really love how I feel after meals like this. I’m satisfied, but don’t feel heavy if that makes sense.12170324_10156829244620377_194113826_n

Monday: something that has quickly become a part of our weekly meals is pesto salmon. This week I had it with sweet potatoes. It was kind of a weird pairing, but I had been craving sweet potatoes so they ended up on my plate. Matthias had his with rice.12178321_10156829244640377_1716021683_nTuesday: you would have seen in this week’s WIAW that we made homemade cheeseburgers on Tuesday. Let me tell you, they were so good! The buns were probably my favourite part or it was the smashed avocado. Either way, these were really good!12178294_10156820666710377_769742199_nWednesday: I tried a new recipe from Melissa over at No.2 Pencil! It was a 1-pot Chicken Alfredo! There’s something wonderful about only using one pot for supper. This turned out really good! The only thing I would do in the future is cut the chicken a little smaller since our pieces were a little on the big side. Matthias was skeptical that the pasta would cook, but it did and it was so tasty! I highly recommend this recipe!12177912_10156829244630377_1375001005_nThursday: our meals on Thursdays are really hit or miss. We do our groceries on Friday so often, we don’t have much for supper on Thursdays. This week I made a grilled ham and cheese sandwich with some veggies on the side. It was one of those “I’m starting to get hangry so I must make something quick” moments, but it was actually pretty tasty!12179007_10156829244625377_1300588385_nFriday: we had a really late lunch at the classy establishment, McDonald’s, when we first arrived in a nearby town so by the time we were home, it was a little after supper time. We weren’t very hungry so we just made little snacks when we got hungry.

Saturday: we have been wanting to make garlic fingers since I got here pretty much, but never have. Anyways, we ended up making homemade pizza and garlic fingers yesterday night. They were so good! I made a Hawaiian pizza with ham and pineapple, while Matthias put bacon, mozzarella, and salami on his! The garlic fingers turned out really well too! We had never made our own dough before, but it was actually pretty easy! We enjoyed them while watching the first Star Wars movie.saturdayThose were our meals from this past week! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

What’s your favourite pizza topping?

Do you have any 1-pot recipes?

Friday Favourites #28: Week of 10/23

Good Morning and Happy Fri-Yay! Things over here are going to be pretty relaxed this weekend, but I’m hoping to make it out to my first farmer’s market in Germany later today or tomorrow! Do you have any fun plans?

I just realized that I never wrote a favourites post last week! To be honest, I don’t think there was anything new that I was loving. This week though, I have some new things that I can’t wait to share with you! I’m also going to be sharing a lower body workout that I did earlier this week that left me with sore legs for a couple of days.

I’ll be sharing my favourites over on Heather’s and Katie’s blogs! Head there if you want to see what other people are loving!

Friday Favourites #28: Week of 10/23
FF Banner Fall

  • Whiteboard

This might be a silly favourite, but I have recently been using a whiteboard that Matthias has to write my workouts before starting them. I usually use a notebook that I have all my past workouts from this summer in so I can track my progress, but I’ve been loving the whiteboard. Not only is it bigger so in the middle of my workout I can just glance over to see what’s next, but it’s just a lot of fun to write on (is that weird?)

  • Nestle’s Fitness Cereal12170268_10156826091670377_1130558703_n

I picked this up a couple of weeks ago and just finished it this morning. Fitness reminds me a lot of Vector, but without the little granola clusters. It’s been a great snack in the evenings after supper when I get hungry.

  • Travel Plans

As mentioned a few posts ago, Matthias and I have a few trips coming up! We’re going to Oslo in Norway, Stockholm in Sweden, and London in England! I think I’m most excited for London, but that’s just because I’ve dreamed of going since reading the Harry Potter books when I was young. I’m excited to experience other areas of the world and cultures! I’ve been enjoying researching the areas we’re going, what we can do, and where we can eat. If anyone has any recommendations, please let me know!

  • Lower Body Workoutlowerbodyworkout

Yesterday I mentioned that I wasn’t really feeling motivated to workout as of late. However, I put this together earlier in the week and it smoked my hamstrings!

Here are picture demos of the exercises:




Those were my favourites from this week! I hope you have a great weekend!

Disclaimer: I am a certified personal trainer through CSEP, although I am not your personal trainer. This workout and other workouts I post might not have exercises that will work for you. If you do try out any of the workouts I post, listen to your body and make any modifications or rest as you see fit. I recommend consulting a doctor or health professional before making changes to your diet or fitness routine.

What was your favourite part of the week?

Any fun weekend plans?

thinking out loud #2

Good afternoon folks!

I don’t usually post on Thursdays, but there’s a couple things I need to work through and writing (or in this case typing) it out usually helps. Since this may not make any sense and I’m not sure how well put together this post is going to be, I figured I may as well post it as a Thinking Out Loud post.

Amanda runs this great link up that allows you to write down your thoughts whether or not they actually make sense. Head over to see more at Running With SpoonsThinking-Out-Loud

The first think on my mind is self hosting. As you can tell by my URL, I am using the free version of WordPress and have been since I started this little blog a couple of years ago. Recently, I’ve been toying with the idea of using Bluehost and changing to self hosting. I’ve actually had the payment page open for over a week mulling over the idea.

I’ve been researching for about a month about the process of changing to self hosting. Since coming to Germany, I’ve really enjoyed having a place to share what it’s been like and just overall enjoyed blogging more than before. I’m worried that this might only be phase (I really hope it isn’t) and that I’ll grow out of it after a couple months. I know going through Bluehost isn’t going to cost an arm and a leg, but I worry that I’ll stop wanting to blog and then just be spending money for nothing.

I do know all the benefits of self hosting since I have been doing a lot of research. Everything I’ve learned seems really great and awesome. There’s also days where I’m unsure of the blog name I’ve chosen. I’m worried that in the future, what I blog about won’t match the name. Thinking about that, I know I don’t post a lot of fitness related things anyways, but it makes me wonder if I should have named it something else. I still really love the name though! As mentioned above, I am aware of all the pros of self hosting, I guess it’s the cons that are holding me back.

The other topic I wanted to talk about is motivation. The past couple of weeks, I haven’t really felt motivated to workout. Before going to bed most nights, I’ll think about what I’m going to do for my workout in the morning and I’ll get really excited, but once I wake up that motivation is gone. In the past, I’d push myself to do the workout anyways and I’d snap out of whatever mindset I was in pretty quickly. However now, that isn’t the case. I did have a few really good workout last week and this week, but it’s those bad ones that I keep focusing on.

Anyways, that’s all for me today. For those that read through this, I really appreciate it. Sometimes getting your thoughts out of your head and down somewhere can help.

I’ll be back tomorrow to share some of my recent favourites. There will be a new lower body workout as well that I did earlier in the week that was really good!

What do you do when you’re lacking motivation?

Do you ever doubt yourself? 

WIAW #44

Hello and good morning! How is your week going? Mine has been going really well, my motivation to work out is back and I have some trips coming up to look forward to!

Anyways, today is Wednesday and you know what that means! It’s that time of the week where I share a full day of eating. This is one of my favourite link ups because it not only gives me ideas for future things I want to eat, it allows me to be nosy! As always, I have to thank Jenn for this link up and also a big thanks to Arman for hosting this week! Now let’s get on with the food!

What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday

Late Brunch: egg whites with red peppers and zucchini as well as a piece of toast with smashed avocado and two eggs over easy. Lately, I’ve only been starting to eat around 2-3. I used to be the type of person that would be starving as soon as I woke up, but my body has changed in that way. I’m just going with it!12177875_10156820666705377_609461116_nSnack: pb & j on rice cakes and a kiwi. I also had some of this Pumpkin Spice Latte drink that we found at the store. It actually has a really great taste, but there’s a lot of sugar in it! I want to try mixing it into some pumpkin oatmeal today and see how it tastes! This was enough to hold me over until supper which I was super excited for!12071638_10156820666715377_1146605777_n 12179457_10156820666700377_1177202052_nSupper: cheeseburgers! We used these roll type buns and they were so good, crunchy on the outside while soft on the inside! I had mine with more smashed avocado (addicted), honey mustard, bbq sauce, and some greens!12178294_10156820666710377_769742199_nSnacks: I had a almond Magnum bar and some chocolate for good measure later on 12168130_10156820666720377_409595827_n 12168143_10156820666695377_581239122_nThose were my eats from yesterday! I hope the rest of the week treats you well!

What’s your current food addiction? 

What do you like on your burger?