Friday Favourites #39: Week of 1/22

Happy Friday Everyone!

Yesterday was technically my Friday since I have today and tomorrow off from the gym, but I am going to help my mom with a couple of houses once this post goes up! I’m looking forward to taking the full day off tomorrow! I’m actually going to be heading back to my hometown for a few hours to pick up a couple of things, but besides that I’ll be taking it easy!

I haven’t written a Friday Favourites since January 1st! In all honesty, I haven’t really been loving anything new, but I have some new ones to share today! Thanks for the link up Heather and Katie!

Friday Favourites #39: Week of 1/22

Friday Favs Winter

The other night when I was browsing Instagram for hours I came across a photo of oatmeal that someone posted. Now you’re probably thinking so what, it’s just oatmeal, but the girl that posted it had added butter to her oats! I knew right away I needed to try this and try I did! I don’t know how to describe the taste, but it makes them creamier and even more tasty! I tried it yesterday with my normal cinnamon oatmeal that I added blackberries too and I know I’ll be eating it again! I added 5 grams, which is slightly more than a teaspoon (by slightly more, I mean it’s 1.06 teaspoons) and it seemed like a good amount.12584188_10157109488005377_834656480_nYou may notice that I listed the amount of butter I used in grams. That is because I am back to flexible eating or IIFYM (if it fits your macros). Since the summer ended, I had been really loosely tracking, but earlier this week on Monday, I started back at it. I had been wanting to for awhile and I’ve been feeling really great this week.

Another food item that I’ve discovered this week that is a favourite are Roasted Garlic Multi-seed Crackers from Crunchmaster! Anything with garlic I’m all about and these are no exception! I had these with some deli ham and mustard yesterday for a snack and it was delicious! 12571201_10157109488085377_1355791531_nCoffee!! This past summer I really started to enjoy my homemade iced coffee, but could never really deal with the taste of it warm. Well my friends, this week I tried hot black coffee and I actually liked it! Now I’m curious and wanting to try other brands of coffee!

And if you need to laugh: The 33 Best Chandler Bing One-Liners! Here’s my favourite!

Have a great weekend 🙂

How do you take your coffee?

What do you add to your oatmeal?




Friday Favourites #38: Week of 1/1

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone had fun ringing in the New Year last night!

I’m currently typing this up on New Years Eve before starting to get ready for a party. I’m listening to Throwback Dance Party on Spotify and am loving it! Don’t Cha is currently playing and it’s bringing back all kinds of memories!

Anyways, it’s officially 2016 and I’m starting the year off with a look at some of my favourites! Thanks for the link ups Heather and Katie!

Friday Favourites #38: Week of 1/1Friday Favs Winter

  • Protein Ice Cream

I recently replenished my protein powder stock and have been making protein ice cream again! All I do is combine a scoop of protein, half a cup of almond milk, and lots of ice to my NutriBullet! Once it’s combined, I’ll put in the freezer for a few minutes to harden up a little bit then I’ll top it was all kinds of goodies! The one on the left has Oreos and Chocolate PB2 while the one on the right has Oreos and Candy Cane Kisses!

  • New Workout Playlist

If you missed my Winter 2016 Playlist I posted last week, I would recommend checking it out. Whenever I need an extra push in the gym, I find updating my workout playlist usually helps! This playlist has a mix of old and new songs that really pumps me up!

  • Deadlift PR

I was doing a back and biceps day at the gym yesterday and hit a PR on my deadlift! I hadn’t done deadlifts since the summer (and even then I didn’t do them that often), but I’ve been very happy with what I’ve been able to pull last week and this week. Anyways, yesterday I managed 110 lbs for 3 reps! That probably doesn’t sound like all that much for some people, but I am so proud of myself! I’m looking forward to seeing that number go up this year!

  • New Year’s Resolutions/Goals

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned my goals for 2016 and I am feeling very motivated right now! I’ve also loved reading on other blogs what their goals or resolutions are for the new year!

And that wraps up my favourites for this week! I hope you have a great first day of 2016!

What’s your favourite throwback song?

How did you ring in the New Year?


Friday Favourites #37: Week of 12/25

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you’re having a great day with your family! christmas-meme-14.jpgI’ve typed this up earlier in the week so I wouldn’t have to take away from my family. I really wanted to share my Christmas favourites this week seeing how Friday Favourites is falling on Christmas!

Friday Favourites #37: Week of 12/25 (Christmas Edition)Friday Favs WinterMy number one favourite thing about Christmas is spending time with my family. Christmas is the one time of the year where I know I’ll get to see almost all of my extended family.

Ugly Sweater party with my sister from a couple years ago

Another one of my favourite things about Christmas is the food! There’s nothing better than Christmas dinner and all of the desserts that come with it! I also love that baking that comes along with Christmas!12380247_10156976813195377_1696253988_nI also really love the Christmas movies and Christmas music. I’ve watched some new movies this year that I really enjoyed! I never realized how many Christmas movies Candace Cameron-Bure was in! I love the classics too! As for Christmas music, there’s nothing I love more than Michael Bublé’s Christmas album or Kenny and Dolly singing I’ll Be There With Bells On. There’s just something about holiday music and movies that brightens my might be a silly favourite, but I really enjoy wrapping presents! There’s just something about it that I find really soothing. Plus, it makes me excited to see the recipient’s face when they open it!ef703747e252032073f610980bc1accbSomething we used to do growing up that I loved was going to see Christmas lights. I always loved seeing the houses that went all out! I hope to do the same when I have a family of my own!

Those are a few of my favourite things about Christmas! I hope you have a great time with your loved ones over the next few days! christmas-meme-32

Thanks for the link ups Heather and Katie!

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas and the holidays?


Friday Favourites #36: Week of 12/18

Good Morning! I hope you’ve been having a great week!

I can’t believe we’re a week out from Christmas! I find I’m always so excited for the holidays, but they come and go so quickly! Have you finished all of your shopping?

In true Friday fashion, I wanted to share some favourites today! Thanks for the link ups Heather and Katie! Head their way to see even more favourites!

Friday Favourites #36: Week of 12/18Friday Favs Winter

  • Sour Patch Kids: I bought a pack of Sour Patch Kids last week and have been craving them ever since. Last night, I went and bought a big bag of them (may not be the best idea) and have been trying not to eat them all in 24 hours.  12386737_10156991802750377_1442994643_n
  • Flipp App: I’ve been using this app to look at grocery flyers for quite some time and thought I should mention it. They have all kinds of different flyers on it, but I use it mainly for groceries. I’m not sure if there’s a version for US/international, but it works in Canada by putting your postal code in and then it shows local flyers. They even have coupons as well. PicMonkey Collage.png
  • Talk Shows: since I don’t have a job yet, I spend more time then I would like to admit watching talk shows. I’ve always watched Ellen, but I’ve been keeping up with Live with Kelly and Michael, The View, and Rachael Ray. They’re my little guilty pleasure!
  • Gym Routine: it’s been really nice getting back into a solid gym routine. I definitely missed that while being in Germany. Luckily, when I was there, Matthias did have some at-home gym equipment that I was very grateful, but nothing beats a gym atmosphere.
  • TV Christmas Movies: I have been watching at least one Christmas movie a night on tv and I have been loving them. I’ve watched at least three with Candace Cameron-Bure! They’re always predictable and have happy endings, but I just cannot get enough of them!

On a side note, has anyone seen the Fuller House teaser! I am so excited for February 26th to get here!

Those were my favourites from the week! I hope you have a great weekend! If you have any last minute shopping to do, good luck with the crowds!

Do you like sour candies?

What’s your guilty pleasure to watch on tv?

Friday Favourites #35: Week of 12/11

Good Morning! I hope you’ve been having a great week so far! Do you have any fun plans this weekend?

Since today is Friday, I wanted to share a few of my favourites with you. I’ll be linking up with Heather and Katie today so if you would like to look at other people’s favourites, head over to their blogs!

Friday Favourites #35: Week of 12/11Friday Favs Winter

I’ve been back in Canada for a week now and it’s been alright. On one hand, I’m happy to be able to see my family again, but it sucks being away from Matthias. One of the advantages of being home, is getting to go to my favourite cafe again! I went this Monday and had one of my favourites BBQ Chicken Pizza12380057_10156969013680377_1478408306_n

Something else I’ve been loving is watching YouTuber’s Vlogmas videos! I don’t know why, but I am just sucked into them! They have been making me feel more festive too!

I’ve been looking at cookie recipes to make for Christmas gifts and the ones on Averie Cooks look so good! Specifically the Soft Frosted Holiday Sprinkles Cookies and Softbatch No-Roll Holiday Sprinkles Cookies!Softbatch No-Roll Holiday Sprinkles Cookies - No-roll dough with sprinkles baked in so you don't have to decorate cookies!! Big timesavers! Everyone loves these soft, buttery cookies loaded with sprinkles!!

Did anyone watch Michael Bublé’s Christmas special last night? I always look forward to his specials and this years was no different! I love that he always has a variety of guests on it!

That about wraps up this post. I hope you have a great weekend!

Do you prefer shortbread, sugar, or gingerbread cookies during the holidays?

What is your favourite holiday special?


Friday Favourites #34: Week of 12/4

Good Morning and Happy Friday to you! Do you have any fun plans this weekend?

When this goes live, I’ll be back in Canada after almost three months away in Germany. It’s very bittersweet to leave, but unfortunately it has to be done since I didn’t have a visa. In today’s favourites, I wanted to talk about some of my favourites from my time away.

If you’re interested in seeing other people’s favourites, you head to Heather or Katie‘s blog for the link ups!

Friday Favourites #34: Week of 12/4Friday Favs Winter

My number one favourite thing was getting to spend so much time with Matthias. We had gone 4 months in the summer without seeing each other yet it felt like no time had passed when we were back in the same place. I am so lucky and grateful to have such an amazing guy in my life. 12026693_10156709081765377_1594188582_n

I also am very grateful of Matthias’ parents. They have both been very welcoming towards me. Before coming to Germany, I was nervous about meeting his parents. However, I really had no need to be nervous. His mom is one of the most caring people I know. I can see where Matthias gets that from now. Almost every day, she would have a little treat in the afternoon for us (or just me if Matthias was at work.) From her apple cake to a traditional almond cake, there weren’t many times where I had any problems finishing what she had.

Besides the great company I had, Germany was also the first time that I really experienced a different culture. Before coming here, I hadn’t left North America and the only places I had been was the Canadian East Coast and Boston in the US. This was the first time I was in a country where I couldn’t understand what was being said. I’m happy I was able to experience Germany’s culture as well as getting a taste of Norway and Sweden’s culture during our short trips there. 12053345_10156764127390377_1835438372_nI also really enjoyed the Christmas Market we went to. It reminded me a little bit of a local Christmas sale that is put on back home. Even though I wasn’t able to enjoy one of the more famous ones, I had a good time at the second one we went to that was a little less crowded. 12325395_10156938364370377_1358471691_nFinally, I liked how easy it is to travel once you’re in Europe. Germany is kind of the center of everything so it made going to Norway and Sweden pretty simple. Prices to get to other cities or countries in Europe are a lot cheaper than if you were flying to Europe from North America obviously.

Overall, I had a really good time in Germany. Even though some days were tough being away from my family in Canada, I am so glad I came here. I’ve learned a lot about myself in my time away too.

Anyways, that’s all for me today! Enjoy your weekend and I’ll pop back in on Sunday to share another editions of Weekly Meal Plan!

Have you ever left the country for an extended period of time?

What’s been your favourite place you’ve traveled too?


Friday Favourites #33: Week of 11/27

Hello there! Who’s ready for the weekend? I’m looking forward to checking out the online deals over the next few days!

Since it’s Friday, I wanted to share some of the things I’ve been loving this week. Thanks for the linkup Heather!

Friday Favourites #33: Week of 11/27FF Banner Fall
(side note: I just realized that next week it will be December! I’ll have to work on a new #FF banner that’s more wintery ⛄)

  • Emojis: Amanda mentioned this in her TOLT yesterday and I am so happy she did! I can now add emojis to my posts if I want! 🙊🙈 If you want to know how to get them too, click here!
  • Working Out: I mentioned yesterday that I had my first workout in almost a month. It felt really good to pick up some weights again. I continued with the trend and did a quick leg workout this morning! I’m happy I took the time off because I wasn’t feeling motivated before. Now, although it’s tougher, I feel a lot more into it!
  • Baking: I don’t know if it’s the holiday season or just because I haven’t done that much baking lately, I’ve been itching to do some. I ended up creating a new recipe last night for the cookies pictured below. They aren’t as sweet as most cookies, but I really enjoy them. Matthias even said they tasted alright which is a plus!12277108_10156925467280377_2017013093_n I’m still trying to decide if I’ll share the recipe since I don’t have the best pictures. Let me know if you’re interested in a recipe for them!
  • Daim ice cream: I shared this in my WIAW and it is so tasty! Caramel ice cream with Daim pieces and caramel sauce, sign me up! I managed to make the pint last two days which surprised me! I’ve seen online that there is Skor and Heath ice cream too so if you see it, I highly recommend it. I can only imagine that it tastes at least similar to the Daim one!12278014_10156918005045377_1758710881_n
  • Blogging more: I’ve increased my posting to five days a week the past couple of weeks and I have really been enjoying it! In the future, I would like to better plan my posts, but I am loving writing these!

Those are my favourites from the week! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Are you more of an online shopper or an in-person shopper during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals?

What are your most used emojis?