WIAW #33

Hello! Sorry for not posting Monday, I had just finished working 5 days in a row and was beat. I spent the day relaxing, getting life insurance, and going for wings with some friends. How has your week been? I’ve been enjoying the last two days off and am back to work for 3 starting today. I’m looking forward to playing in a field hockey tournament this weekend so I’m hoping the rest of the week goes quickly!

Anyways, today is Wednesday which means another What I Ate Wednesday! As always a huge thank you to Jenn for this link up! Let’s get into it!

What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday

Pre-workout: caramel corn rice cake with peanut butter and some blueberriesDSCF1742Post-workout: Quest cookies (I baked a Cookies and Creme Quest bar that I cut into little pieces, this was eaten while I did my grocery shopping)DSCF1743Snack #1: so while I was at Walmart, I may have picked up poptarts for the first time in years! I picked up chocolate chip cookie dough and cookies and creme. When I got home I tried one of the cookie dough ones.DSCF1747Snack #2: during my meal prepping I was craving chocolate hard so I made one of my Beltsander brownies that I topped with peanut butter and one of the cookies and creme poptarts (sorry for the blurry pic, I was a little excited to dive into it)DSCF1748

Snack #3: two pieces of brown bread with butterDSCF1754Supper: spaghetti squash, sauce, chicken, broccoli, and green beansDSCF1759Dessert: whopper froyo and chocolate proyo topped with mini m&ms, cookie dough, oreo, caramel and nutella (fun fact: this was taken using the front camera on my iPhone since my back camera is messed up/not working, that’s why it’s only half of it)


As you can see, I definitely gave into my cravings today. I usually stick to my macros on the days I work and my days off are kind of hit or miss. I like to live a little so I know a day like this isn’t going to hurt me. Some people may feel guilty for eating things that I did today, but I don’t. Should I have eaten all of it? Probably not. I probably should have chosen more foods that would help my body, but so what. If anything, the extra carbs I ate today will help fuel my workout tomorrow morning. For the rest of the week, I’ll be eating more nutrient dense foods so that my body is well fueled for this weekend.

Hope everyone enjoys their Hump Day and the rest of the week! I’d love to hear what you ate and if you’ve ever had a day like I had. Did it make you feel guilty? Did you feel like you had to run or workout harder the next day?


Friday Favorites #18: Week of 7/24

Good Morning Everyone! Who’s ready for the weekend? I’m on day 3 of 5 in a row, but will get my “weekend” on Monday and Tuesday. I’ll be living through your fun plans this weekend!

My favorites today are going to be a little different. I thought I would share a day in my life from earlier this week that includes some of my favorites. Let me know if you enjoyed a post like this! Thanks Heather for hosting this link up!

Friday Favorites Link Up Botton Life In Leggings

Tuesday, July 21

7:00: alarm goes off, hit snooze

7:10: alarm goes off again, take my medication (Synthroid, Tecta and birth control) and scroll through social mediaDSCF17177:30: start getting ready for the day and make breakfast

7:55: eat breakfast, watch YouTube and start making my to do list for the day (my new planner recently started this week and I’ve been loving writing my to do list in it)DSCF17248:15: head out to get groceries, I hit up Walmart and Superstore before heading home

9:30: put away groceries and make a snack (Dave’s Killer Bread with White Chocolate Dreams peanut butter and Chocolate Peanut Butter)DSCF172510:00: start on some meal prep, I cut a bunch of veggies, cooked ground turkey, steamed broccoli in the microwave, and made 5 mealsDSCF172611:00: had another little snack and learned some German (I leave in 49 days so I’m trying really hard to learn)DSCF173012:00: pick up one of my friend’s and her brother to go for lunch at my favorite cafe (she’s visiting from Germany, we met my grade 12 year when she was an exchange student)

2:00: pick up another one of my friends and go for frozen yogurt to catch up

3:00: more YouTube and blog reading

3:45: mix my pre-workout and aminos

4:00: gym time!

5:15: shower and make my post workout smoothie bowl (this one has chocolate protein, peanut butter, banana, and a crushed up caramel rice cake)DSCF17315:30: FaceTime with my boyfriend (he’s always a favorite of mine and I can’t wait for the next 49 days to pass by so I can be in Germany with him)

7:00: finish up my meal prepping by making salads (in two hours, I made enough food for my 5 days of work)DSCF17338:00: write my post for Wednesday

9:15: start listening to a podcast in bed

10:00: roll over and go to sleep

That was my day on Tuesday! It was one of my busier days off and an overall great day! Have a great Friday and an amazing weekend! I’ll be back on Monday!

WIAW #32

Hey Everyone! Happy Hump Day!! Anyone else find this week flying by? I’m heading back into work for the next five days, but wanted to share what I ate on Monday beforehand. As always, a huge thank you to Jenn for being the fearless leader of this link up!

What I Ate Wednesday Monday

Breaky: two pieces of French toast and eggs eaten at Starbucks while sipping on green tea. I headed out early to go to Starbucks so I could get some work done!DSCF1697Snack: a few hours later, I returned home and made a Quest cinnamon roll. I used the Cinnamon Roll Quest bar and then mixed Greek yogurt, cream cheese and cinnamon for the icing. I also topped it with some caramelDSCF1703Lunch #1: an over easy fried egg on top of some broccoli with a piece of toastDSCF1704Lunch #2: chicken burger with cheese and mustard on a lettuce bunDSCF1706Pre-workout: caramel rice cake with peanut butter (realized when I had one bite left that I didn’t take a picture)DSCF1711Post-workout: Greek yogurt with blueberriesDSCF1712Supper/Snack: Beltsander brownie with melted peanut butter, cream cheese and chocolate chipsDSCF1713I also had an unpictured bowl of ice cream later on!

Enjoy the rest of your week! I’ll be back on Friday with some favorites and a Day in the Life post!

Pumpkin Protein Pancakes

Hello everyone! Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I’m going to share what I did below so if you’re interested, keep reading! Before I get into it, I have to thank Katie for hosting this great link up!

I’m coming to you on this rainy Monday from Starbucks. I wanted to get out of the house this morning since I spent my entire Sunday watching Netflix and chilling in my bed. After I’m finished with this post, I’ll be spending a few hours planning out my week, my meals, and studying some German. I only have 52 days left to learn the basics! I never realized how close it is until today! Anyways, that’s enough about today, it’s time to share some highlights from the past few days!

Last week and leading into this week I have a lot of days off. I was off last week Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I worked Saturday and am now off until Wednesday. Don’t get me wrong, the time off is nice, but I don’t know what to do with my free time.

Saturday at work was crazy! I wasn’t expecting it to be because the weather was kind of crappy, but everyone seemed to be at the park. It made my day fly by! I was a floater so basically where ever I was needed, I went there. I spent some time in all of the areas which was nice. After work, I headed home to get ready for a fun night. When I was in grade 12, we had an exchange student from Germany and we became pretty close. She is back in Canada for a few weeks with her brother so she was having a party! I was so excited to catch up with her and tell her how I’ll be in Germany for three months! As expected, she freaked out and was so happy! We’re going to make plans to meet up while I’m there.

I have a feeling the next 52 days are going to fly by. This makes me happy to think about because I am so looking forward to seeing my boyfriend again! It’s hard being apart when there’s a 5 hour time difference. I’ll be so happy when I see him at the airport!

Sunday morning started off with a great workout with my sister! We killed our hamstrings and glutes. Following the gym, I made some Pumpkin Protein Pancakes! The cold, rainy weather reminded me of fall so I was craving pumpkin. They turned out pretty good! I’ll have the recipe posted below if you want to give them a try! If you don’t have PEScience Select Snickerdoodle Protein, I’m sure Cellucor’s Cinnamon Swirl would work well! Or, you could use vanilla and just add extra cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice!DSCF1693Pumpkin Protein Pancakes


  • 1/4 cup of oats
  • 1 scoop of PEScience Select Snickerdoodle Protein
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • pumpkin pie spice or cinnamon, as desired
  • 1/4 cup of egg whites
  • 5 Tbsp of pure pumpkin
  • water, as needed


Use a blender or food process to blend the oats into a flour, combine the rest of the dry ingredients together. Add the wet ingredients and stir. Add water as needed to get it the consistency you want (more or less thick.) Cook in a frying pan or griddle until done!

MACROS: 27C/4F/36P 283 calories

They’re that easy! I topped mine with some Walden Farms syrup, but you could use whatever you like! Peanut butter would be delicious! Or Greek yogurt!

Well, that’s all for me today. I hope you have a great start to the week! If you try out the pancakes let me know!

Friday Favorites #17: Week of 7/17

Happy Friday! How has your week been? Have any exciting plans for the weekend?

I’m heading back into work tomorrow, but have another three days in a row off starting Sunday! I feel like I was spoiled with this schedule! Saturday night I’ll be heading to a party that I’m really excited about. During my grade twelve year we had a couple German exchange students at my school. One of them is back for a visit with her brother so she’s throwing a party! I haven’t seen her in a couple years (she comes back once a year usually) so it should be a great time. I’m excited to be able to tell her I’m going to Germany in September. I feel like she’s going to freak out!

Today I’ll be linking up with Heather to share a few of my favorites! Head over there to see other people’s favorites (if you’re the nosy type – don’t worry I’m nosy too!)Friday Favorites Link Up Botton Life In Leggings

  • family time

On Wednesday, I went to my mom’s for the night. It was really nice to spend time with her. I don’t usually see her and Sylvain all that much with work and everything. I was really happy to hang out with them twice in two weeks! Yesterday, my sister and I went to the cottage in the evening to hang out with a few of my cousins. This was nice too since they live in Nova Scotia so I don’t see them as often as I would like.

  • meal prep

This is a recycled photo from Monday’s post, but man do I love having food prepped and ready for work. It was so easy to just grab two containers in the morning and head to work. I wrote out on sticky notes what was in each one so either the night before or the morning of, I’d plan out my meals for the day! DSCF1662

  • warmed up Quest bars

One of the reasons why I love summer is that you can leave a Quest bar in the car during your workout and when you’re done, it is the perfect level of warmed up. I did this yesterday while at the gym and it was amazing. When I’m home, I love baking them in the oven so that they’re hard on the outside and soft on the inside, like the perfect cookie!

  • “day in the life” posts

My inner nosiness loves reading what other people do in a day. This is why I love when bloggers do these kinds of posts. I’ve been tempted to do one for myself, but I feel like my days aren’t eventful enough. Would you want to read something like that? I’ve been toying with the idea so much that I think I will do one for next week and see how it goes over.

  • blog surveys

Again with my nosiness, but I also enjoy reading blog surveys. You’re able to learn about the writer which is nice in my opinion. I’ve done a few in the past and they’re fun. It reminds of when I first started on Facebook and everyone used to do them and add them as notes. I was reading a few of mine a couple of months ago and they are embarrassing!

Well, that’s all from me today. I’m off to go shower and get groceries! I’d love to hear what some of your favorites are from the week! Have a good weekend!

WIAW #31: another working day

Hello Everyone! How are you doing midway through the week?

I am doing great! I just started on three days off after having four days on and I could not be happier. I was beat by the end of my shift yesterday! I’m going to be heading out for my mom’s in a little bit, but wanted to pop in and share my eats from yesterday.

A big thank you to Jenn who is back hosting WIAW this week! Head over there for more posts showing what people ate in a day. Let’s get started!

What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday

I started the day with a hamstring and glutes workout so I had my amino acids that I showed last week during my time at the gym.

Brunch: blueberries, three pieces of french toast and eggsDSCF1674 DSCF1689Break (around 5ish): my last prepped chicken salad. There’s romaine, cucumber, chicken, red/orange peppers and grape tomatoes in the mixDSCF1682During night shift: I used up more prepped food and made a salad with romaine, chicken and grape tomatoesDSCF1680Bedtime snack: baked S’Mores Quest bar, so good! Crunchy on the outside and soft on the insideDSCF1683Well, that’s all from me today! I’m off to go pack and head to my mom’s! Have a great rest of the week! Feel free to leave some of your recent eats in the comments!

Marvelous Meal Prep

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

I worked Saturday and Sunday so nothing too exciting happened on my end. I’m heading into work again today and tomorrow, so I am looking forward to Wednesday! I have three days off in a row, which is going to be nice!

In today’s edition of MIMM, I’m going to talk about some meal prep I did on Friday to make my 4 days of working much more enjoyable. I also want to talk about a couple new food items I picked up and tried! As always, a big thank you to Katie for hosting this great link up to start the week off great!

On Friday afternoon, I spent some time meal prepping, making donuts, and trying out some yummy, new finds! As I mentioned in Friday’s post, I was up and finished the gym early so I had a relaxing morning before heading out to pick up some groceries. Walmart was having some good deals on produce so I headed there. I may end up going there every week for produce now! A lot cheaper than my go to grocery store. After leaving Walmart, I was on the hunt for coconut butter. I was going to be trying out a recipe and needed a bottle of it. I popped into a local health food store for the first time and it was like heaven. So many things I wanted to try! I found the coconut butter and also picked up some Shirataki Tofu Spaghetti Noodles to try. I had seen someone talking about them on YouTube and have been intrigued ever since.

When I got home, I set to work. I steamed about a pound of broccoli, cooked up some ground turkey, and cut a bunch of vegetables. I’ll be having seven breaks over the four days so I wanted to prepare for those. DSCF1662The three with to the left with broccoli on top have ground turkey or chicken breast and rice. The four with chicken on top are salads with romaine, grape tomatoes, yellow/orange pepper, and cucumber. On the right is all of the leftover broccoli I have left! I also still have some grape tomatoes, romaine, and a chicken breast leftover that I’ll have as an early lunch before work tomorrow since I only go in at 12.

Following all of this, I got started on a late lunch that also lasted me for supper. I cooked the noodles mentioned above, then added it to some pasta sauce that I made that had ground turkey, orange/yellow peppers, and Classico’s Tomato and Basil pasta sauce! It was sooo good! The noodles have the best macros! For the entire package which is two servings, there is only 6C/1F/2P! If you can find these near you, I’d recommend them! They obviously don’t taste like legit spaghetti, but they are pretty similar and I actually prefer the taste of them.DSCF1668After lunch, I got to work on the recipe I wanted to try. Snickerdoodle Protein Donuts from Peanut Butter Plus Chocolate. In her recipe, she made 4 donuts, but mine ended up making 18! My silicon donut pan makes smaller donuts I guess. I ended up taking 8 into work and everyone loved them! For each one, there was 3C/2F/5P. Ciarra has plenty of other recipes that I’m dying to try! Maybe I’ll make something else on my days off this week!

I also wanted to mention a new peanut butter that I tried. I picked up Peanut Butter & Co’s White Chocolate Wonder peanut butter while at Walmart. I’ve had it on a spoon, on waffles, and on a rice cake and I really like it. I can’t really taste white chocolate, I just taste that it’s sweeter than normal peanut butter, but it’s really good!DSCF1657That’s all for me today! I hope everyone has a marvelous Monday and I’ll be back on Wednesday with a look at my eats from today!