Happy Monday Folks! I was up around 6 this morning to head to the gym and get a leg day in before 8 (I’ll fill you in a little later). I thought I would kick this morning off with a Marvelous in my Monday Post. A big thanks to Katie for hosting this weekly link up!

Marvelous is…

Going to my first hockey game of the season Friday night! I watched as our team won 3-2! Hockey games also mean popcorn! I made sure to get a bag to share with my friends. Friday night was a great way to kick off homecoming weekend!

Marvelous is…

Running my first race on Saturday! I ran a 5km with my friend. We finished together in 28:06! My only goal was to finish under 30 minutes and I did!1157639_10153314979745377_1574882245_n

Marvelous is…

Seeing everyone get decked out and go to the football game. I could only stay for an hour, but I love hearing everyone cheering!

Marvelous is…

Getting some extra field time. Our team headed to the next team over to play against the high school team and a team that just started. It was great to get some extra practice time in since we don’t get that much.

Marvelous is…

ASSASSINS! If you don’t know what assassins is then let me explain. You’re given a target and to eliminate them you have to hit them with a pair of socks without any witnesses. Our residence plays it and it will get super intense! Alliances will form and everyone will go into sketch mode until they’re eliminated. It is so much fun!

Have a great Monday and see you on Wednesday! 🙂


WIAW #10: A Day Late

Hey guys! Sorry I’m a day late, but I figured I would show you me eats anyway!


For breakfast I had my mix of oatmeal, pb, banana, and egg whites with oranges on the side. Before my second class, I had half of a Carrot Cake Larabar. At lunch, I had grilled cheese and tomato soup. For desert I made an ice cream sandwich from a chocolate chip cookie, cookies and cream ice cream, and pb. I almost forgot to take a picture at supper, but I had fish (that I scraped all the herbs off of), a salad and an apple with pb. I had half a bagel with one half cheese whiz (I know it isn’t good for you, but I love it) and pb with cinnamon/sugar mix. While doing homework last night I made a smoothie with mango, banana, and chocolate protein powder.

I apologize again about being a day late! I’ll have next week’s WIAW up on time, promise! Have a great day everyone! I can’t believe tomorrow is already Friday!


Hello everyone! Anyone else find getting up this morning rough? I had a busy few days so I think I am a little wore out.

Marvelous is…

Seeing my mom Friday night and getting a new phone! Marcus and I headed to my mom’s house for supper. I had a blackberry before that was getting really frustrating. It used to shut off randomly and not turn back on until I plugged it into the charger. Anyways, I ended up getting an iPhone 4s! Since the new iPhones came out this one was now $0! Being a university student, I jumped at the chance. While there, she gave me a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch which I just ate half the box this afternoon (not so marvelous, oops).1239870_10153292563925377_988729503_n

Marvelous is…

FIELD HOCKEY! This weekend was our first tournament and although I’m super sore, it was so much fun! The pictures below are of the rigs we rented, in between game foot soaks with my bff, reuniting with one of my girls who I only saw once this summer, and what always happens (getting hit in the ankle with the ball and sticks). After five games, sleep came easy over the weekend.602032_10153292563935377_145346052_n

Marvelous is…

These Kleenex. They are cool touch so they are super awesome when your nose is inflamed like mine is. I came down with a cold on Friday (yes the day before my tournament) so my nose is quite sore today. I don’t know what I would have do without them!529433_10153292563930377_1733250941_n

Marvelous is…

The July Kona Kase! I finally got it from my sister on Saturday. It came in the mail like two days after I left so I waited until now to get it. I got:

1. Larabar in Carrot Cake: I’ve eaten half of it and it’s pretty tasty

2. Justin’s Almond Butter: I am so excited to try this!

3. Greenola: this looks a little sketch (like some kind of drug), but I love coconut so I’m pumped to try this.

4. Quest Bar: OMG! I’ve been wanting to try these for forever! I got the White Chocolate Raspberry flavour, but haven’t tried it yet.

5. Biotrust Protein Cookies: this seems like it will be good.

6. Rise Protein Bar: this will probably be pretty tasty as well.

7. Krave Chili Lime Jerky: not really a fan of jerky so I’ll probably pass this on to someone else.


Have a great day! I’ll be back on Wednesday with a look at my eats!

Fun Facts Friday [20/09]

Happy Friday! Is anyone else pumped it’s Friday? I have a busy weekend planned and couldn’t be more excited!

1. I figured I would start off with something I posted the other day in my WIAW post.IMG-20130917-00213

So I don’t actually have a picture of it all mixed up, but it is oatmeal with banana, pb, and hardboiled egg whites mixed in. One of my favourites!

2. We have our first field hockey tournament tomorrow and Sunday! I am so excited for games. We have 3 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. There’s enough girls this year to have subs! The past two years we haven’t really had enough girls so there would be 1-3 subs. Although, I probably won’t be coming off very much if at all, but it is nice to know that someone can take your place.

3. Local food is awesome! Last night at meal hall they had a local foods night. There was local apples, strawberries, blueberries, onions, mushrooms, mussels, and a whole bunch more. They were giving out dishes of strawberries and blueberries. I have missed those a lot! Meal hall never really has any fresh berries. If there is any, they are frozen. There was also apple crisp, mashed potatoes, carrots. I left feeling very full!

4. I get to see my mom this afternoon! Marcus and I are heading to my mom’s place so her boyfriend can put a new windshield washer pump thing (I don’t know cars) in his car. I also may be upgrading my blackberry to an iphone! I really want the silver 5s, but I feel like it is going to be sold out by the time we get there. I may end up waiting so I’m trying not to get my hopes up.

5. I hope everyone has a great weekend! I’ll be back on Monday with an update of my tournament 🙂


Happy Hump Day! I can’t believe it is already Wednesday! I also remembered to take pictures yesterday so after a week hiatus I’m back with a look at what I ate.

Just a note: get used to meal hall dishes and trays for the next 7 and a half months.

As always, a big thank you to Jenn for hosting this weekly blog link up. If you want to see what others are eating take a look at her site!

What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday

Pre-practice: the usual banana

Breaky: plain oatmeal with banana and hardboiled egg white, oranges, greet tea, and waterIMG-20130917-00213

Lunch: shrimp stir fry with snap peas, green peppers, leeks, and a sweet & spicy sauce. I also had a cup of vanilla yogurt.IMG-20130917-00214

Supper: pork, mashed potatoes, and carrots. I dipped my pork in a bbq/hot pepper sauce I mixed together.IMG-20130917-00216

Snacks: apple, piece of toast with butter, and multigrain cheerios. Please ignore the half eaten apple picture, I almost forgot to take a picture of it.IMG-20130917-00215

I also want to share with you another picture I took yesterday! As much as I hate getting up at 5:30 for field hockey practice, I love watching the sun rise over the field as we play. Here’s a picture of the sun at 7:30 once we were through with practice.IMG-20130917-00212

Have a good day! 🙂


Good evening! I meant to get this post up earlier, but got swamped with work. Here’s a look at some marvelous happenings in my life. A big thanks to Katie for hosting this weekly link up!

Marvelous is…

Finding out I got 9/10 on my first physics quiz! It’s only worth 1%, but I’ll take it. I’ve decided to take first year physics in my third year and I am pretty nervous! I haven’t taken any physics courses since high school. I have taken biomechanics and we do similar things in it. The prof is hilarious so I think it should work out fine.

Marvelous is…

My first event as social rep is over! We had our annual charity dry social this past weekend and it went pretty well. There were a few incidents, but overall everyone that went had a great time. Not much else I can ask for!

Marvelous is…

Cheap drinks! Our campus club had an event on Saturday that I went to. My two friends and I bought six drinks for NINE dollars! I’m pretty sure the bartender calculated wrong, but to be honest I had no idea what the prices were going to be so she may have been right. Either way it made for a fairly cheap evening considering my boyfriend paid for my cover! #bestboyfriendaward (Is it bad that I just hashtagged on here? Also, is it bad that I consider my boyfriend the best because he paid for my cover? I guess I am easy to please.)

Marvelous is…

A wonderful run on Sunday with a few of my field hockey ladies! I was a little worried about the run since I had drank the night before. I knew the girl I ran with had too so we set out. There were two other girls that were with us that were a little behind our pace. When we turned around I realized my shoe laces were untied (pet peeve). I never did catch up to my friend again, but seeing her in the distance pushed me to keep running. I finished 4.8km in 27 minutes. I kept al my kilometres to under 6 minutes! If I can keep that up for my race on the 28th, I’ll be able to finish in under a half hour which is my goal.

PicMonkey Collage j

That’s it from me today! Have a good one and I’ll be back on Wednesday with a look at my eats!