WIAW #59

Good Morning! Happy Hump Day Everyone! I hope you’ve been having a great week!

I have a busy day ahead of me, but I wanted to pop in and quickly share a day of my eats from yesterday! I worked 6-1 then got a workout in before heading to relax for the evening. I thought this would be a good post to share so you have a look at what I eat during a day that I work and workout.

Thanks for creating the link up Jenn! Arman is hosting the WIAW party this week so you can head his way for more food posts!

And without further ado, onto the food!

What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday

Working at 6 in the morning means that I have to get up at 4 and leave by 5:15 at the latest (I live about a half hour away). To get my day started, I had a cup of black coffee (Christmas mug optional).12665877_10157151864060377_1437315545_nFor breakfast, I made my usual egg white scramble with peppers and zucchini topped with ketchup and a piece of toast with a runny egg!12660339_10157151864105377_2122468132_nI took my break shortly after 9 and dug into one of my prepped spaghetti squash containers. There’s ground turkey, tomato basil pasta sauce, broccoli, red pepper, spaghetti squash and a Laughing Cow cheese wedge!12660374_10157151864200377_260746295_nAfter work, I had a couple kiwis before hitting a quad workout. I hit a PR on back squats of 100 pounds for 4 reps! I know that’s not the heaviest, but I’ve been working hard at getting my form right before going heavier. 12650371_10157151864145377_730746485_nI had my usual protein shake on my way home from the gym. I think I’ve reused this picture like 4 times now because I always drink it way too fast to remember to snap a new picture. 12583772_10157104173835377_228671283_nAbout an hour after my shake, I dug into my favourite post workout carb source: oats! Yesterday I made pumpkin egg white oats topped with blueberries and butter!12647915_10157151864245377_1253253336_nFor supper, I heated up another one of my pre-made meals. This time it was chicken, green beans, and purple sweet potato. 12660291_10157151864295377_536558003_nMy evening snack before I crashed around 8 was a piece of toast with peanut butter and butter! So simple, but so good!12674281_10157151864340377_614342697_nThose were my eats from yesterday! I’m off to go get my stuff together for today and head into town. I have a workout on my mind then my first PT session followed by work 2-9!

I hope you have a fantastic day!

How do you take you eggs?

Favourite oat combo?

5 thoughts on “WIAW #59

  1. I’d have to say I love putting cinnamon and maple syrup in my oats. It’s just so comforting. 100lbs sound like a lot to me! I haven’t squatted anything other than my bodyweight in months 😛

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