First Weekend of 2016

Good Morning! Did you have a good weekend?

I’m ready to take on the first full week of 2016! I’m feeling extra motivated and have some fun things coming up this week to look forward to!

Since it’s Monday, I wanted to share a recap of my New Year’s Eve and the weekend! As always, I’ll be linking up with Katie for Marvelous in my Monday and Erin for Weekend Snapshots!

Let’s start with New Year’s Eve! I actually didn’t take any pictures, but I had a lot of fun at my friend’s party.

Before the party, I smashed a great workout and had an even better post workout meal (snack really). Another bowl of Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Ice Cream! This time I topped it with Oreo and Candy Cane Kisses!12459878_10157040889820377_1044027300_nA lot of the people at the party were friends from high school who I always love to catch up with! I had a blast playing Survivor Flip Cup and Sociables as well as just chatting with everyone! Closer to midnight, I started to make grilled cheeses for everyone since my friend’s parents weren’t home yet. I wish I would have taken a picture of my workstation and everyone’s happy faces, but I was too busy. They were all very grateful! It was a really great night!

Friday morning started a little later than usual due to the late night, but I woke up feeling ready to take on the new year. I had a pretty relaxing morning and afternoon just hanging out and making to do lists.

Around supper time, my sister and I headed out to my Grammie’s to see my Aunt one last time before she headed back home to Toronto! We had a great ham and potato scallop supper with the best biscuits!

I was up early on Saturday with my sister to get my first workout of the new year in! We did a tough quad workout that has left me pretty sore. Following the gym, I headed to the market to pick up some veggies for a few days. Unfortunately, I got there a little later than I would have liked and there weren’t as many stands open as usual so I only managed to get two sad looking zucchinis.

However, one of the zucchinis made for a delicious lunch! I spiralized one and cooked it with garlic and pepper before topping it with a runny egg. I also had egg whites and a wedge of Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese!12483815_10157052173450377_976664651_nLater that night, I realized that I hadn’t really eaten that much during the day so I made probably the best nightcap bowl I’ve ever had! I made Salted Caramel Protein Ice Cream using a sample of Quest’s protein powder. To that, I added Butterscotch Ripple ice cream, caramel sauce, Nuts ‘N More Salted Caramel Peanut Butter, and a Kinder Egg Surprise! Can you tell I like caramel?12498790_10157052173485377_515939405_nI slept in a little later than usual on Sunday and spent the morning doing some cleaning, planning, and reading before heading to the gym for a chest and triceps workout. The rest of the day was spent watching tv marathons and completing an online training course for my new job I’ll be starting this week!

I’m really excited and also a little nervous to start working this week at my new job! I spent the summers of high school and university working at a water park so this is the first time I have a different job! It’s a little nerve wrecking, but I’m also really looking forward to be working somewhere doing something I’m passionate about. I’m sure I’ll be sharing more about it later so I won’t bore you with too much today!

Have a great Monday!

I just read through this post and realized I only included food pictures. After looking at my phone, I realized that I only took pictures of food this weekend… 🙊🙈  I’ll have to try and change that in the coming weeks!

What would be your ideal sundae toppings?

Any tips for starting at a new job?



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