WIAW #54

Good Morning! How is it already Wednesday!? And how is New Years Eve tomorrow night!?

I’m jumping on the bandwagon in saying this, but 2015 just flew right by! I’ve been thinking a lot the past few days about what I would like to accomplish in 2016 and writing down my goals. I’ll be sharing those tomorrow and I’m looking forward to having them out in the world as I find it helps with accountability.

However, it’s Wednesday which means I get to share with you a day of my eats! This time, it is from Monday! As always, a big thank you to Jenn for creating this link up! Let’s get to the food!

What I Ate Wednesday Monday

For breakfast, I had kamut puffs with blackberries and almond milk. I have been loving kamut puffs lately, they don’t really taste of much, but I like the crunch that they have!12463735_10157034586435377_1972403616_nA little while later before heading to the gym, I had a kinder egg surprise from Christmas. I’ve been trying to save them, but I only have one left 😑12435885_10157034586455377_1152384123_nI had a really great, sweaty workout on Monday so after getting home, I immediately jumped in the shower. My post workout meal was a little weird, but it tasted really good. I had ground chicken, green beans and scrambled egg whites/egg. All topped with ketchup of course!12463677_10157034586510377_1782080836_nI had breakfast for dinner and made protein waffles! I used my new chocolate peanut butter protein. I also topped them with some syrup and salted caramel peanut butter! 12443181_10157034586550377_164626752_nA little while later, I snacked on some yogurt and blueberries!12434423_10157034586540377_15047121_nFinally, while watching Big Bang Theory, I had some of my hoof prints frozen yogurt with caramel sauce.12459873_10157034586590377_150651120_nIt was a great day of eats! Have a great Wednesday!

What are your favourite yogurt toppings?

Are there any weird food combos you’ve eaten lately?




10 thoughts on “WIAW #54

  1. So much sweet I love it! I’m all about the weird food combos. Last night I had cooked veggies a swai fish fillet and crunchy peanut butter and cutie oranges. So good all the sweet and salty combinations together!!

  2. I love to top yogurt with granola or cereal. I’m pretty basic and not too creative. The most strange but good combo I love is hummus with chutney (like a jam but thicker and a bit more savory). It’s really great and hits all the spots.

    1. Sometimes granola and cereal is all that’s needed! I don’t think I’ve ever had chutney before but now I’m curious about having it with hummus! Thanks for the comment Ellie 🙂

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