Friday Favourites #37: Week of 12/25

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you’re having a great day with your family! christmas-meme-14.jpgI’ve typed this up earlier in the week so I wouldn’t have to take away from my family. I really wanted to share my Christmas favourites this week seeing how Friday Favourites is falling on Christmas!

Friday Favourites #37: Week of 12/25 (Christmas Edition)Friday Favs WinterMy number one favourite thing about Christmas is spending time with my family. Christmas is the one time of the year where I know I’ll get to see almost all of my extended family.

Ugly Sweater party with my sister from a couple years ago

Another one of my favourite things about Christmas is the food! There’s nothing better than Christmas dinner and all of the desserts that come with it! I also love that baking that comes along with Christmas!12380247_10156976813195377_1696253988_nI also really love the Christmas movies and Christmas music. I’ve watched some new movies this year that I really enjoyed! I never realized how many Christmas movies Candace Cameron-Bure was in! I love the classics too! As for Christmas music, there’s nothing I love more than Michael Bublé’s Christmas album or Kenny and Dolly singing I’ll Be There With Bells On. There’s just something about holiday music and movies that brightens my might be a silly favourite, but I really enjoy wrapping presents! There’s just something about it that I find really soothing. Plus, it makes me excited to see the recipient’s face when they open it!ef703747e252032073f610980bc1accbSomething we used to do growing up that I loved was going to see Christmas lights. I always loved seeing the houses that went all out! I hope to do the same when I have a family of my own!

Those are a few of my favourite things about Christmas! I hope you have a great time with your loved ones over the next few days! christmas-meme-32

Thanks for the link ups Heather and Katie!

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas and the holidays?



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