WIAW #53

Good Morning! Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

I can’t believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve and the day after is Christmas! I’ve been watching all of the Christmas movies before they aren’t on anymore!

It’s Wednesday so it’s time to share what I put into my body yesterday! Jenn started this baby as a place for people to share a sneak peek into their eating. This is done without comparison, guilt, judgement, or restriction. This is one of my favourite link ups so I owe a big thank you to Jenn for creating it!

Now onto the food!

What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday

Even though it snowed throughout the night, I was craving something cold after a sweaty workout. I made a Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Banana Smoothie Bowl! I used up the last of my PEScience Select protein with this andΒ I’m very sad about that. This was delicious though! I didn’t even add any toppings because I was so hungry.12399161_10157010081875377_159561193_nAfter inhaling the smoothie bowl, I headed out to run a few errands. I got home a few hours later and started thinking about what I would eat next. I decided on an egg white and egg omelette with red peppers and deli turkey meat. I also added ketchup on top which is a new favourite with eggs. I never used to like, but now I need to have it when I have eggs!12399241_10157010082170377_1415651737_nI spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning until I found my self with a rumbling stomach. I made a really simple burrito bowl that lacked salsa and guac, but it was still pretty tasty. I used brown rice, ground chicken with taco seasoning, green peppers, yellow peppers, cheese, and some plain Greek yogurt.12421611_10157010081980377_1347907645_nI finished my night off with a bowl of Hoof Prints frozen yogurt with caramel sauce and two Thin Mints! Fun fact: besides Thin Mints, I’ve only ever had the regular vanilla and chocolate Girl Guide cookies. Thin Mints are definitely my favourite though!1060965_10157010082090377_292201160_nI hope you have a great day!

Do you need to have any condiments with your eggs?

What’s your favourite kind of Girl Guide cookies?


10 thoughts on “WIAW #53

  1. Uhm. Your dessert though. I can’t. I’m assuming that hoof prints is the same as moose tracks (what we call it here – vanilla, chocolate and PB swirl with PB cups? I think that’s all that’s in it..) and if it is, then it’s my fave, second only to cookie dough. YUM.

  2. Ketchup is the best! I feel like it gets a bad rap for being a “kid” condiment and full of sugar, but I consider it a vegetable πŸ˜‰ My favorite girl scout cookie is PB patties. NOM!

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