It’s Almost Here!

Good Morning! How was your weekend? Are you ready for Christmas?!

That’s right Christmas is a mere 4 days away! I can’t believe how fast time is flying by! I spent this weekend getting ready for this busy time of the year! I’m looking forward to sharing that with you in today’s post! Since it’s Monday, I’ll be linking up with Katie for Marvelous in my Monday and Erin for Weekend Snapshots! Now let’s get to my weekend recap!

I woke up Saturday ready to get a work out in! Let me tell you, I can get sore from a leg workout, but I have never had this much soreness, especially not in my glutes! I didn’t think I did anything special, but it felt really good to get a good workout in!

After the gym, I quickly came home to shower and get ready. I ran a couple errands for my Nan before heading to my mom’s house for the night! I had some holiday baking to get done for some presents and my mom was nice enough to let me use her kitchen to do it!

I had decided to go the baking route for presents this year because I really enjoy doing it and I love seeing people enjoying my baking. It was also nice since it was less expensive and I’m not working yet. I knew I wanted to make peanut butter balls, but also wanted to try out a recipe I found and shared a few posts ago.

To fancy up the peanut butter balls a little, I did 4 different kinds besides just plain! I topped some of them with skor bits and some with sprinkles.12395559_10157002158940377_269204935_nI also topped some with melted white chocolate and some with melted peanut butter chips, while some I left plain!1060271_10157002158915377_1501397947_nAs for the recipe I tried for the first time, I finally tried making one of Averie Cooks’ recipes! I have been reading her blog for about a year now and am always in awe at how good the food looks! I made the Softbatch No-Roll Holiday Sprinkle Cookies!

These cookies are some of the best cookies I have ever made! I didn’t add as many sprinkles as Averie did, but they are still very tasty (I had to try one to make sure they were good enough to give to people!) It was hard to stop at just one, but I did so that I would have cookies to give away!702758_10157002158885377_1240379422_nAfter spending quite a few hours on my feet baking and dipping, I was happy to sit down and relax.

In the morning, I packaged my goodies up and headed back home. My mom followed behind so I could jump in her car once I was back home. We had holiday deliveries to do! We spent a few hours dropping goodies off to people before having an early supper out!

That brings us to now! I’m currently typing this up while watching Mariah Carey’s Merriest Christmas on tv. There is also a sing along version of the Sound of Music on another channel that I’m flicking to on commercial breaks! I am seriously going to miss these Christmas specials once this week is over! I wish Christmas lasted longer than a day!

I hope you have a great Monday! If anyone still had some last minute shopping to do, I’m sending all positive vibes your way!

What’s your favourite exercise or workout lately?

What are your family’s holiday traditions?


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