Friday Favourites #36: Week of 12/18

Good Morning! I hope you’ve been having a great week!

I can’t believe we’re a week out from Christmas! I find I’m always so excited for the holidays, but they come and go so quickly! Have you finished all of your shopping?

In true Friday fashion, I wanted to share some favourites today! Thanks for the link ups Heather and Katie! Head their way to see even more favourites!

Friday Favourites #36: Week of 12/18Friday Favs Winter

  • Sour Patch Kids: I bought a pack of Sour Patch Kids last week and have been craving them ever since. Last night, I went and bought a big bag of them (may not be the best idea) and have been trying not to eat them all in 24 hours.  12386737_10156991802750377_1442994643_n
  • Flipp App: I’ve been using this app to look at grocery flyers for quite some time and thought I should mention it. They have all kinds of different flyers on it, but I use it mainly for groceries. I’m not sure if there’s a version for US/international, but it works in Canada by putting your postal code in and then it shows local flyers. They even have coupons as well. PicMonkey Collage.png
  • Talk Shows: since I don’t have a job yet, I spend more time then I would like to admit watching talk shows. I’ve always watched Ellen, but I’ve been keeping up with Live with Kelly and Michael, The View, and Rachael Ray. They’re my little guilty pleasure!
  • Gym Routine: it’s been really nice getting back into a solid gym routine. I definitely missed that while being in Germany. Luckily, when I was there, Matthias did have some at-home gym equipment that I was very grateful, but nothing beats a gym atmosphere.
  • TV Christmas Movies: I have been watching at least one Christmas movie a night on tv and I have been loving them. I’ve watched at least three with Candace Cameron-Bure! They’re always predictable and have happy endings, but I just cannot get enough of them!

On a side note, has anyone seen the Fuller House teaser! I am so excited for February 26th to get here!

Those were my favourites from the week! I hope you have a great weekend! If you have any last minute shopping to do, good luck with the crowds!

Do you like sour candies?

What’s your guilty pleasure to watch on tv?


6 thoughts on “Friday Favourites #36: Week of 12/18

  1. OMG FULLER HOUSE! I have been counting down the months! My guilty pleasure is running YouTube channels. I watch them while I eat breakfast =P I just finished How To Get Away With Murder on Netflix and it was great. I highly recommend the watch (only 15 episodes)

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