WIAW #52

Good Morning! How is your week going?

I have been taking it pretty easy this week, going to the gym, and watching all the Christmas movies. Even though these movies are super predictable, I can’t help but get attached to the characters and the story lines.

Anyways, today is Wednesday so I’ll be sharing a look at what I ate yesterday. Jenn started this link up as a place to share without guilt, judgement, restriction, or comparison. I’ve been doing this weekly for quite some time and it’s one of my favourite link ups. I love looking for food ideas and this is a great place to get some!

So let’s get to the food!

What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday

Breakfast: fun fact about breakfast, I kind of forgot that I was taking pictures for this post until I had eaten almost all of my eggs. I had about 150g of egg whites and a whole egg mixed in. I also had an English muffin with peanut butter.

Lunch: I used my lunch as my pre-workout meal as well. I had a toasted turkey and cheese sandwich with lettuce and mustard. It made me realize how much I love sandwiches! They’re something I never really think to make.12366869_10156982638970377_1523330178_nWhile making supper post-workout, I snacked on these fruit snacks I picked up. They’re shaped like little penguins and taste pretty good!12388244_10156982639015377_269996736_nSupper: chicken and veggie stir fry. I had picked up a package of stir fry veggies when I got groceries on Monday and they are so good! Not to mention, it’s great as a time saver!10449639_10156982639045377_866390462_nSnack: a little while later, I snacked on some plain Greek yogurt with blackberries.12395445_10156982639065377_1104348830_nSnack #2: I always love ending my days with a little something sweet. Last night, I had butterscotch ripple ice cream with caramel sauce and a Pillsbury cinnamon roll that my dad had made.

Those were my eats from yesterday! I hope you have a great Wednesday!

How do you like to end your day?

How do you like your eggs?

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