Getting in the Holiday Spirit

Good Morning! How was your weekend?

I spent part of the weekend getting into the holiday spirit and part of the weekend relaxing. I thought I would share what I got up to as well as some pictures I snapped. Since it’s Monday, it’s time to link up with Katie for Marvelous in my Monday and Erin for Weekend Snapshots!

The weekend started off with a morning workout on Saturday with my sister and her girlfriend. It’s been great getting back in the gym so I planned an upper body day for the three of us that has left us all sore! Later in the afternoon, we picked up some ingredients to make cookies and my sister’s Christmas tree!12386595_10156976813020377_179784907_nAfter we finished at the tree lot, we headed for a little fro yo! It had been ages since I had some so I was very excited!12366559_10156976813075377_1795113668_nOnce we got back to my sister’s place, we got to work on the cookie dough! While the cookies cooled, we watched a couple Christmas movies. I made a new friend, my sister’s girlfriend’s dog Bruce! He fell asleep with his head like that except it kept falling off my leg and it would wake him back up. 12387756_10156976813115377_1492011835_nSince I couldn’t move, my sister made supper for the three of us that we enjoyed a lot! She made bbq chicken pizza on pitas. They were really good!12351171_10156976813165377_1124962210_nAfter supper and playing 9 rounds of Scattergories, we set to work on decorating the cookies. I didn’t realize how tedious and time consuming it would be, but it really put me in the festive mood!12395304_10156976813250377_425886432_n12380247_10156976813195377_1696253988_nI woke up Sunday in a funk. I couldn’t seem to shake it so I decided to take the day for myself. I laid in bed for a long time, ran a couple of errands, and caught up on Nashville. As I’m writing up this post, I just finished a bowl of ice cream with a thin mint, gingerbread star, and an oreo. I’m also watching A Christmas Detour on tv. I think it’s important, especially around the busy holidays to take time for yourself. That’s why I didn’t mind taking a day to just chill.

That was my weekend! I’m hoping to get some things organized in the next few days and to start on my Christmas presents!

Have a great Monday!

Have you done anything to get in the holiday spirit?

How do you take care of yourself when things get busy?


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