Back in Canada

Good Morning! Did you have a good weekend?

My first weekend back in Canada was pretty nice! I was able to see people I haven’t seen in awhile, eat things I haven’t been able to, and drive to places I haven’t been to since I’ve left.

Today, I’ll be sharing what I did during my first weekend back in Canada! I’ll be linking up with Katie for Marvelous in my Monday and Erin for Weekend Snapshots! Check out their link ups!

I’m going to start my weekend recap on Thursday which is the day I left Germany to fly home to Canada. Saying goodbye to Matthias was one of the most difficult things I’ve had to do. There were a lot of tears when I had to leave to go through security as well as throughout the day.

I flew from Hamburg to Amsterdam on my first flight so it was a very quick flight. I feel as though we landed on one end of Amsterdam Airport Schipol and I had to walk to the other end to get to my departure gate. I made it with plenty of time so I relaxed until boarding.

From Amsterdam, I would be flying to New York JFK Airport. On my way to Germany in September I was lucky to have my longest flight overnight. This time around, I had to spend 8 hours in an airplane during the middle of the day! Luckily, there was no one sat in the middle seat so the man in the aisle and myself at the window has plenty of space. However, I wasn’t able to sleep a wink. I watched Hot Pursuit with Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara first followed by Despicable Me 2. After that, I watched different tv shows to try and help pass the time. I was feeling pretty restless the last half of the flight. We did pass over the bottom of Greenland so I had a really pretty view for about 30 minutes.12336306_10156955968800377_319674975_n12346782_10156955968765377_1123366864_nWe finally landed in New York after 8 hours and I was off to find my next departure gate. I went through customs, rechecked my bag, went through security, and walked what felt like 4 miles to my gate. I had the most time in New York and I was feeling really antsy since I was so close to being home. I sat back and relaxed for awhile until boarding.12351133_10156955968815377_987392541_nFinally boarding was called and I was only two hours away from Canada! I sat next to the nicest older gentleman who was on his way home from Orlando with his family. We chatted quite a bit which helped pass the time. Throughout all of my flights, this was the flight I was hoping to sleep on, but I only got about a half hour. The city we were landing in had really low cloud cover and fog so we were only able to see lights about a minute before landing. That was a little sketchy, but I know the pilots have a lot of training in multiple situations so I wasn’t worried.

I got off the plane, went through customs, and got my back in probably twenty minutes before reuniting with my uncle who was picking me up. We headed back to his house where I promptly fell into bed since I had been awake for about 24 hours with the time difference. I didn’t sleep the best, but woke up Friday excited to be going home.

Later that afternoon, I was back in my hometown! My first stop was to see my Nannie and help my dad shovel her driveway. Yes, shovel! Nothing says welcome back to Canada like having to shovel!12325320_10156955968845377_1660018395_nThe rest of the day was spent trying to stay awake. I ended up falling asleep around 8 and waking up at 5 Saturday morning. I got up, showered, and headed to my sister’s house. I helped her out by shoveling part of her driveway and putting her duvet cover back on. After meeting her new girlfriend, we were off to the market! I was finally able to have some of my favourite food again. I found a booth there this summer that does raw and vegan foods. I’m by no means vegan, but her stuff is so good! We headed to the mall afterwards before heading out to meet up with my mom.

I helped my mom at the sale she was at until we packed up and headed back to her house. That night I fell asleep around 9, but again was up around 5 on Sunday morning. I left to head back to my hometown around 10 and decided to just take it easy the rest of the day. I really needed to get groceries, but decided to put it off until this morning. Last night, I fell asleep around 9:30 I think and then I woke up this morning around 5 again. And that brings us to now!

This time around, jet lag is kicking my butt! Although the early mornings aren’t so bad, it’s the falling asleep early in the evening. Well, I’m off to make my grocery list. Have a great Monday!

How do you pass time on long flights?

Have you every had really bad jet lag?


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