Weekly Meal Plan 12/6

Hey hey there! I’m sorry to be coming to you later than usual, I am still jetlagged from my trip home. I hope you’ve had a great weekend!

I’m going to be sharing the last week of meals from when I was in Germany. I’m unsure if I’ll continue to do these posts as I tend to eat the same thing when I’m on my own. Let me know what you think I should do!

Now let’s get to the food!

Weekly Meal Plan: Week of 11/29-12/7

Sunday: Matthias had been wanting to try making his own chicken marinade for a couple weeks so we decided to do it on Sunday. We had leftover garlic fingers too! Kind of a weird combo, but it was pretty tasty!12351298_10156954680750377_1022114781_nMonday: I had wanted to make supper for Matthias’ parents as a way to say thank you for everything. I decided to make lasagna with garlic bread and a salad!12351298_10156954680750377_1022114781_nTuesday/Wednesday: We had a lot of leftover lasagna left so we just heated some up for a quick supper!

Thursday: Whenever I fly (I say that like I do it a lot, but I don’t at all), my appetite gets messed up. Once I made it to New York, I was craving fruit and something cold after sitting on a plane for 9 hours. I decided on my first Jamba Juice! Later on, I picked up a cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese, but it wasn’t that great. It was really dry and tough to chew.12346697_10156954680760377_1960875694_n12346919_10156954680780377_711931325_nFriday: Again, my appetite was still kind of non-existent, but I had two eggs with two pieces of white bread from a local restaurant that we used to go to all the time growing up.12358280_10156954680875377_1192241668_nSaturday: I was staying at my mom’s on Saturday night and was craving some fast food I hadn’t had in awhile so we settled on DQ! I had the $6 Cheeseburger Meal Deal, but I upgraded the sundae to a Candy Cane Oreo Blizzard. The fast food didn’t end up making me feel too great unfortunately. I guess my body isn’t used to it anymore. Nonetheless, the blizzard put me in a Christmasy mood!12348359_10156954680795377_433298223_n12355209_10156954680835377_1139074811_nAnd those were my meals this past week! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! I’ll talk to you tomorrow!

What’s your appetite like when you’re travelling?

Have you ever cooked for a significant other’s parents?

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