thinking out loud #5

Good Morning! How has this week been treating you?

I’ve never really been that good at intros so let’s just jump right into today’s post!

  1. When this post goes up I’ll be in the process of flying home! I’ve been feeling all kinds of emotions leading up to this so here’s hoping I don’t burst into tears at some point during the day.
  2. 25 Facts About 2015 That Will Make You Feel Old AF I found this article on Buzzfeed earlier in the week and definitely felt very old!
  3. I’m looking forward to getting back into the gym when I’m home. I was extremely lucky to have some equipment to work with while in Germany that Matthias has, but I’m really looking forward to being in the atmosphere of a gym. I feel more motivated and I’ll have more equipment to work with!
  4.  I tried making Caramel Almond Fudge yesterday, but it didn’t really turn out. Matthias’ mom found the recipe and gave it to me to give it a try. This is what the picture on the recipe looks like12319722_10156940399825377_1950110517_n
    And this is how mine turned out…12325046_10156940399840377_1302817671_nAs you can see, not quite the same 🙈🙊. I don’t know if the recipe was wrong or what, but it was suppose to make 25 pieces; however, mine is more like a flat caramel thing. It still tastes very good, but not quite how I envisioned it would turn out.
  5. I’m really going to miss being able to be around Matthias everyday. It’s tough to get used to the distance, then become used to being around each other again, to being apart again. I know it gets a little easier with time, but the first month or so isn’t very fun!

That’s all for my thoughts today! I hope you have a great day! If you want to see more people thinking out loud then head to Amanda’s blog for the link up!

What’s the last thing you tried making that didn’t quite turn out?

Have you ever been in a long distance relationship?



7 thoughts on “thinking out loud #5

  1. I saw on TV the other day that Home Alone was celebrating it’s 25th anniversary, and that definitely made me feel old AF. Thankfully, I have yet to find any gray hairs… so I’m still doing okay. And I’ve had to do long distance a handful of times… They’re tough for sure, but not impossible 🙂

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