WIAW #49

Good Morning! How is your week going?

I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday! My days have been off since we came back from our weekend getaway on Monday. I could have sworn Monday was Sunday and Tuesday was Monday.

Anyways, since it’s Wednesday, it’s time for another look at my meals from yesterday! If you aren’t sure what WIAW is all about, you can check out Jenn’s page explaining it all! A big thank you to her for creating this link up and to Arman for hosting this week!

Let’s get to the food!

What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday

Lunch: I had an egg white/egg scramble with ham and red pepper with two rice cakes on the side. They were topped with peanut butter, chia seeds, and Rote Grütze (basically a jam made of all the red berries)12309424_10156918005280377_1037250938_nSnacks: Throughout the afternoon I had a peanut butter ball, way too many Toffifee and a piece of cake Matthias’ mom brought up to me

Supper: I was craving some real food after the junk I ate in the afternoon so I made chicken, sweet potato, and broccoli.12278291_10156918005135377_565500246_nNighttime Snack: I don’t about any other ladies reading, but when it’s that special time of the month, all I want are sweets! I satisfied my craving with some Daim ice cream I picked up. Caramel ice cream with Daim (Heath or Skor depending where in the world you live) pieces and caramel sauce!

Those were my eats from yesterday! I hope you have a great day!

Do you find after eating sweets that you crave vegetables and meat?

What’s your favourite thing to put in eggs?


14 thoughts on “WIAW #49

  1. My sweet tooth is on HIGH wire right now. Not sure if thats just me normally or this is something else.. but oh well, I’m going with it. Skor is my favorite (especially the little bits you can put in baking) – I had no idea it was called something else elsewhere. And that breakfast – how did you get simply scrambled eggs to look so appealing?! 🙂

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