Weekly Meal Plan 11/22

Good Morning! How is your weekend going?

Matthias and I have been enjoying a nice little weekend away, but I wanted to pop in quickly to share what we ate this past week.

Weekly Meal Plan: Week of 11/15-11/21

Sunday: after having such a big lunch with Matthias and his family, I wasn’t really hungry for supper. When I did get hungry in the evening, I ended up having some cereal and a rice cake with cream cheese and ham.12277213_10156909137945377_229491154_nMonday: Matthias was away Monday evening so I kept it simple with turkey breast and veggies.12285717_10156909138215377_2057318914_nTuesday: again I kept things pretty simple with some leftover turkey breast and broccoli.12277328_10156899308795377_184280787_nWednesday: Matthias and I made quesadillas! These came together super fast and were equally tasty. They have salsa, red pepper, chicken, and cheese in them. We dipped them in more salsa, greek yogurt, and guac!12272834_10156909139190377_1680294176_nThursday: I wanted to use up the last tortilla so I made another quesadilla.12278121_10156909140485377_39257082_n

Friday/Saturday: we were away, but Friday I ordered a Hawaiian pizza at the Italian restaurant we went to and Saturday we just got Subway.

Those were our meals from this past week! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I’ll be back later tomorrow with a little recap post from this weekend!

What do you get on your sub at Subway?

What do you like to dip your quesadilla in?


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