Stockholm Trip Recap

Good Morning! How has the beginning of your week been? I had a really good time in Sweden this past weekend, but am also happy to be home.

Today, I wanted to share some of the things we did and pictures I took from our trip! I am so grateful that I have been able to do these little trips while I’m in Germany. Enough chit chat though, let’s get into the recap!

Stockholm Recap

We had a later flight on Friday and by the time we had landed, figured out how to get to the hotel, and get to the hotel, it was around 9 I think. We stayed at the Loginn Hotel. When I booked it, I thought it was so neat that they had turned a boat into a hotel. It was on the water in Sodermalm and although our room location wasn’t great (I’ll get into that a little later), it was cool.IMG_2818After checking in and throwing our bags in our room, we headed upstairs to the bar/restaurant to meet up with Matthias’ friends. He had met them while he was in Canada the first time on exchange. From here, we headed out to find food. After walking around, we ended up going McDonald’s for some food before heading to a pub for a beer. We got back to our hotel around 1:30 and headed to bed.

That first night it felt like I didn’t sleep. I slept from 2-4 then until 9 I woke up multiple times. Our room was right beside the entrance and you have to put in a code or call to get inside the building. That’s all I could hear, plus anyone walking upstairs or really anywhere I could hear.

We woke on Saturday to rain, but were excited to see some sites. This was our view from breakfast at the hotel. IMG_2774We met up with his friends before heading to the Vasa Museum. This museum was really cool! IMG_2775Basically, in the 17th century, Vasa began her maiden voyage, but sank in the Stockholm harbour. It sat under the sea for 333 years until it was salvaged in 1961 and reconstructed. The ship is still 98% original! IMG_2780From here, we headed for a late lunch and walking around the streets. IMG_2782I’ve said it before, but I just love the European architecture that I’ve been able to see!IMG_2784That evening, we headed to go see Spectre. It was okay, but not something I would see again. After the movie, we tried going to a bar that is at the top of a building, but it was packed. We still managed to have a pretty good view on while we were there. IMG_2786Instead, we headed to a pub before returning to the hotel around midnight. Matthias and his friends went to the bar for a few beers while I stayed in the room and went to bed. I definitely slept better Saturday, but was still woken up quite a few times.

The weather was better on Sunday although it was kind of cold. We met up with his friends again and set off for Gamla Stan. This is what I most wanted to see since everything I saw online was really pretty. Before heading there, we did walk up a lot of stairs to get to the Katarina Elevator. The elevator has been closed for awhile, but you can get to the walkway from the other side. The view at the top was really cool! IMG_2791From here, we walked across the bridge to Gamla Stan which translates to “The Old Town”. We walked around here for quite some time. I absolutely loved seeing all of the buildings. The Royal Palace is also here so we saw that too! Enjoy the next few pictures!IMG_2793 IMG_2796 IMG_2807 IMG_2815 IMG_2816One thing I really enjoyed was that there were a lot of little cafes that were in basements (that makes it sound sketchy.) I just mean they were underground and to get to them, you walked down stairs that had low ceilings. We went to one for a late lunch called Cafe Art. I had tomato soup with a cheese sandwich and it was delicious. It warmed me up after spending a few hours outside in the cold. I wish I would have taken pictures from inside, but was focused on food.IMG_2814From here, we headed back to the shopping area we were in on Saturday. We said our goodbyes to his friends before heading back to the hotel. We just chilled the rest of Sunday and got supper in the restaurant on the boat. We went to bed pretty early, but again, I barely slept. We were up early to head to the airport and were back in Hamburg around 10:30.

I am so happy to of been able to experience another new place. This past weekend was a lot of fun!

Hope the rest of your day goes well! See you tomorrow!

Do you sleep differently when you’re in a new place or travelling?

What is your favourite way to explore a new city?

Thanks for the link up Katie!


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