WIAW #45

Good Morning! How is your week going? I’m patiently awaiting Friday when we leave for our trip to Oslo!

As it is Wednesday, I want to share with you what I put into my body yesterday. I ate some really good food that I enjoyed! I always love WIAW’s because I’m nosy and want to see what others are eating. It also gives me ideas for what to eat in the future. As always, a big thank you to Jenn for creating this weekly party and to Meghan for hosting this week!

What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday

Brunch: I had a later breakfast/lunch yesterday around 1 and it was delicious! It included butternut squash, egg whites with red pepper, and a runny egg on a piece of toast with smashed avocado!12182005_10156839859510377_1879269246_nSnacks: Matthias’ mom picked us up some apple muffin/cake things that were delicious! I also snacked on a couple of rice cakes. I had smashed avocado (can you tell I love it) on one with ham, cheese, and cucumber. The other one was the same, but with some cream cheese instead of avo.12177896_10156839859505377_543692599_n 12177995_10156839859520377_969106990_nSupper: we made spaghetti carbonara for supper and it was pretty good. It actually comes together pretty quickly so it was nice since I was starting to get hangry!12179717_10156839859515377_775053008_nSnack: I’ve been loving cereal as a bedtime snack lately! This is some kind of bran flakey type cereal with raspberries and milk.12179892_10156839859525377_1207854788_nThat’s all I ate yesterday! I hope you have a great day! Remember to go check out the link up on Meghan’s blog if you’re interested in seeing more food!

What’s your favourite rice cake topping?

Go to meal if you’re feeling hangry?


9 thoughts on “WIAW #45

  1. AH Have SO much fun in Oslo! It’s always a location I’ve yearned to visit, and it’s been on my mind especially since it was just the Snapchat location a few days ago.

    Favorite rice cake topping: peanut butter and banana. I’ve actually never tried out a savory flavor combo, but this makes me want to!
    Go to meal when hangry: oatmeal suits me well and fine on almost every occasion. 🙂

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