WIAW #44

Hello and good morning! How is your week going? Mine has been going really well, my motivation to work out is back and I have some trips coming up to look forward to!

Anyways, today is Wednesday and you know what that means! It’s that time of the week where I share a full day of eating. This is one of my favourite link ups because it not only gives me ideas for future things I want to eat, it allows me to be nosy! As always, I have to thank Jenn for this link up and also a big thanks to Arman for hosting this week! Now let’s get on with the food!

What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday

Late Brunch: egg whites with red peppers and zucchini as well as a piece of toast with smashed avocado and two eggs over easy. Lately, I’ve only been starting to eat around 2-3. I used to be the type of person that would be starving as soon as I woke up, but my body has changed in that way. I’m just going with it!12177875_10156820666705377_609461116_nSnack: pb & j on rice cakes and a kiwi. I also had some of this Pumpkin Spice Latte drink that we found at the store. It actually has a really great taste, but there’s a lot of sugar in it! I want to try mixing it into some pumpkin oatmeal today and see how it tastes! This was enough to hold me over until supper which I was super excited for!12071638_10156820666715377_1146605777_n 12179457_10156820666700377_1177202052_nSupper: cheeseburgers! We used these roll type buns and they were so good, crunchy on the outside while soft on the inside! I had mine with more smashed avocado (addicted), honey mustard, bbq sauce, and some greens!12178294_10156820666710377_769742199_nSnacks: I had a almond Magnum bar and some chocolate for good measure later on 12168130_10156820666720377_409595827_n 12168143_10156820666695377_581239122_nThose were my eats from yesterday! I hope the rest of the week treats you well!

What’s your current food addiction? 

What do you like on your burger?

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