Fun + Productive Weekend

Hey Everyone! How is your Monday going? I’m in an awesome mood because I woke up to sunshine this morning! I’m also in a great mood because it’s the start of a new week! The beginning of a new week means that I can set new goals I want to accomplish this week and it means I can start the week out on the right foot!

Today I’m going to share what I did during my weekend! I’ll be linking up with Katie for Marvelous is my Monday and Erin for Weekend Snapshots! It was a really fun and productive one so let’s get into it!

Saturday afternoon Matthias and I headed into Hamburg for the day! It was classic North Germany weather which means cloudy, cold, and was likely going to rain. We didn’t let that get us down as we took the train into the city. I was on the hunt to pick up a couple things to send to my mom as it is her birthday on Halloween! I found some little goodies for her as well as myself. 12166801_10156815487785377_716950671_nI’ve been wanting to try these chocolate bars since I got here and they did not let me down! My favourite is the one on the bottom! This summer I became obsessed with Skor so I knew I had to try it! For those in the US, Skor and Daim are almost identical to Heath bars I think.

We also walked by the Town Hall and hung out by the water before meeting up with two of Matthias’ friends!12168060_10156815487790377_1670314448_n 12166519_10156815487795377_1546599357_n 12167740_10156815487810377_435374187_n 12166161_10156815487800377_88528823_nWe took our group of 4 to a restaurant for some much needed food! As mentioned in my meal plan post yesterday, I had a burger that was alright, but it came with the most amazing potato wedges! I also had a cocktail that was really good, but completely forget the name of it.

After some food, we headed to The English Theatre of Hamburg to watch the current show that is being put on! The play was called Fat Pig and it had an ending that I was not expecting. Overall, it was one of those plays that gives you a lot to think about. The following is a synopsis of the play provided by the theatre’s website:

How many insults can you hear before you stand up for the woman you love? Tom, a young corporate executive, meets Helen, an intelligent, funny, but over-weight librarian. They date and fall in love, but Helen’s plus-size causes trouble for Tom back in his office. His best friend and colleague, Carter, treats the relationship as a ridiculous joke and tries to end it, believing that Tom and other attractive people should “run with their own kind.” Meanwhile Jeannie, whom Tom has dated occasionally, treats his new interest in the fat girl as a personal insult. Will Tom have the courage, in spite of social pressure, to continue seeing Helen?

Following the play, we headed out to a sports bar for a little snack and cocktails. The four of us split a plate of nachos and sweet potato fries! I was so excited to see sweet potato fries on the menu since no where we’ve been to yet has had them! I also had a “Touch Down” cocktail that was pretty tasty! After a couple hours, we headed for the train station and back home! We got home around 1 and headed to bed shortly after. It was a great day! I was really happy to be able to meet more of Matthias’ friends. We had gone to the hockey game with Brian a couple weeks ago, but it was really nice to meet his girlfriend Anna and to be able to talk to both of them! I was also happy because it didn’t rain until we were on our way home!

Sunday was productive in that we started to plan our travels! We were able to book our flights and accommodations for Stockholm and London! I’m so excited for it! I’ve been itching to go on a plane since I got here. If any of you have been or are from Stockholm or London, I’d love any tips you have! I’m most excited for London because I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and we’ll be going to the Studio Tour! We still have a couple more places to plan for, but I’m happy we got some done yesterday!

That was our weekend! It was a lot of fun and also productive! Aren’t those the best kind of weekends?

What would be your ideal weekend?

Have you ever been to London?


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