Weekly Meal Plan 10/4

Good Morning! Are you having a good weekend? I just wanted to pop in quickly to share my dinners from this past week!

Weekly Meal Plan: Week of 9/27-10/3

Sunday: breakfast for dinner! We made chocolate chip pancakes that I topped with peanut butter and syrup!1Monday: Matthias made spaghetti carbonara!2Tuesday: Frikadellen and a salad on the side. For those that don’t know, frikadellen is kind of a mix between a burger and a meatball, like a slider size. They were really good!3Wednesday: after walking around all afternoon, Matthias and I just made frozen pizzas. Mine was a chicken one and he had tuna fish with added mozzarella.4 4-1Thursday: we made chicken salads. I swear I have lettuce and other stuff in there! Super quick and tasty!5Friday: Matthias wanted me to try döner kebabs from a local place! It comes from Turkey and the meat is cooked on a vertical pole that spins. Anyways, it was really good. I only got salad and tzatziki on mine so it wasn’t a “true” döner, but it was really good!6Saturday: We went with his parents to the Greek restaurant that we went to when I first arrived. I had the turkey souvlaki again!

And that’s all we ate for supper this past week! I’m off to a hockey game so I’ll see you all tomorrow! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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