Port of Hamburg + St. Micheal’s Church

Hello! I can’t believe that it’s October 1st today! Did everyone have a good September?

Some highlights from September include finishing work for the summer, flying for the first time, and finally being reunited with my boyfriend! I’m getting to experience a whole new country, culture, and language!

Today I wanted to talk about what we did yesterday! I’m going to be linking up for my very first Thinking Out Loud Thursday over at Running With Spoons! Thanks Amanda! I know this post is going to be some pictures and some rambles so what better place to link up with! Thinking-Out-LoudYesterday when Matthias was through with work, he showed me some of Hamburg! This was my first real time seeing stuff besides from being in a car or at a mall so I was really excited. We went to the Port of Hamburg and St. Micheal’s Church.

This was the view after getting off the train and walking over a bridge.12092274_10156764127305377_691766917_nThe first order of business was getting some food! Matthias and I split fish and chips from one of the many restaurants at the port. We ate with this pretty site in front of us!12041830_10156764127290377_903698106_n 12087490_10156764127265377_952101972_nThe yellow building in the left-hand side of the picture is where the Lion King musical is put on!

After eating, we walked to the Elbe Tunnel to walk through. This tunnel goes underneath the port to the other side! 12053279_10156764127345377_1618533982_nOnce exiting the tunnel, we walked around the building to see this!12064490_10156764127255377_796435278_n12025450_10156764127340377_264644751_n The building on the left with the dark brown roof is where we came from!12047648_10156764127330377_1288913607_nThe cool building on the right in this picture is suppose to be (or is already) Hamburg’s Opera House. I thought it looked really cool! Then we walked back to the other side12077039_10156764127260377_2099612140_nThe center area of the tunnel is for cars to drive through.

From here, we headed to the St. Micheal’s Church. 12092481_10156764127300377_3179860_nWe paid 5 euros to go up to the tower. I thought I wanted to take the stairs, but we ended up taking the elevator up and the stairs down. On the way down, there were quite a few people struggling to catch their breath on their way up. Needless to say, I think we made the right choice, even if it means we’re lazy! The views at the top were unreal!11998521_10156764127385377_553525299_n 12053345_10156764127390377_1835438372_nAnd a little selfie action…12053290_10156764127375377_463543795_nAfter walking down the 452 steps we headed back to the port. We went to a Häagen-Dazs shop for some ice cream! I had a scoop of Salted Caramel and Brownie Caramel in a waffle cone! 12092570_10156764127275377_856902276_nAfter we were done here, we headed for the train and home. It was a fun afternoon getting to see some of the city!

Have a good day! I’ll talk to you tomorrow!


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