Weekly Meal Plan 9/27

Good Afternoon! How is everyone’s weekend going? The weather here has been sunny and fall-like temperatures so I can’t complain!

I’m popping in today to share my second installment of Matthias and I’s Weekly Meal Plan! As mentioned last week, Matthias and I have been planning and cooking our meals here at his parent’s house. This past week had some simple, yet tasty meals! Let’s get to it!

Weekly Meal Plan: Week of 9/20-9/26

Sunday: As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts this week, we attempted to make our first lasagna! We used a package mix, but it still turned out alright. I ended up getting my mom’s recipe later that night so we’re looking forward to trying that out at some point. We had to have garlic bread with it so I obviously ate half of it.1Monday: I also talked about this in an earlier post, but Monday night we went to a pub with a couple of Matthias’ friends and I got a Hawaiian pizza. This was ok, I loved the amount of ham on it, but would have liked to see some more pineapple on it!2Tuesday: We made a casserole on Tuesday and holy cow it was good! It was whole wheat penne pasta, ham, cheese, and some stuff in a package. It was like a pumped up mac and cheese type thing. It was really good and took almost no time at all!3Wednesday: I love tacos! We moved Taco Tuesday to Wednesday and I was so happy to eat tacos again! I made a super simple guac (if you can even call it that). All I did was mash up some avocado and add some spices to it. Not really guacamole, but still equally tasty. I also put too much stuff in my taco causing it to tear, but it was still delicious! I may have had two more after this one! Those corn tortillas are like my new favourite thing!4Thursday: We decided to have salmon on Thursday only it was wrapped in bacon! Too be honest, the bacon flavour didn’t really come out all that much, but it was still pretty tasty. We had it with rice and broccoli.5Friday: We were meant to make this stew thing with coconut milk, but our carrots had gone off so I improvised. I roasted some potatoes in the oven and while those were doing their thing, I started to cook some chicken in a pan. When it was just about done, I threw in some red peppers and zucchini. It turned out pretty yummy!6Saturday: This supper I was looking forward to all week! We made burgers! I topped mine with lettuce and swiss cheese. For my condiments, I had peanut butter and honey mustard! It was really good! (Fun Fact: as soon as I took this picture, the top patty slid off!)7Those were our meals this week! Most of the meals this week I’m looking forward to as well. I’ll be sure to let you know next Sunday what we made!

What’s your favourite burger topping? I love putting peanut butter on mine, but I also really like having an over easy egg so that the yolk can ooze all over my other toppings.

Have you ever had to improvise a dinner since one of your ingredients had gone off?

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