WIAW #40

Good Morning! I find it hard to believe that it’s already Wednesday! How has your week been going?

I feel like I always say in the post I’m writing that it’s my favorite day of the week, but I guess I just like everyday. Wednesdays are especially fun because I get to share a full day of eats with you! I love this because these are my favorite posts to read. Am I the only one that is super nosy? Today I’ll be sharing what I put into my body on Monday! As always, a huge thank you to the wonderful creator of this link up and for helping to support my nosiness, Jenn! Now let’s get into it!

What I Ate Wednesday Monday

Breaky: two pieces of french toast topped with banana, peanut butter, and protein frosting. I also had the left over egg mixture with peanut butter. Using full eggs doesn’t really taste as good as using egg whites in my opinion. I desperately need to find some! Any German readers know where I can find egg whites?12030725_10156737324715377_1878150258_nSnack: I shared these chocolate protein clusters from MyProtein with my boyfriend (by share I mean he had one and I ate three)12033423_10156737324730377_259132011_n 12023163_10156737324695377_1369596711_nLunch: leftover pork chop that was done on the grill with cottage cheese and cucumber12026676_10156737324735377_1158951233_nSnack: This was shared with the boyfriend too (I had two and he had one). Plain rice cakes with crunchy peanut butter, banana, and cinnamon12047291_10156737324700377_20642649_nSupper: we met up with a couple of Matthias’ friends at a pub and I ordered a Hawaiian pizza and had my first German beer! The pizza was okay and if I’m being honest, the beer wasn’t all that great (don’t hate me!)12041891_10156737324670377_1746256326_nOne last snack: a Magnum White when we got home, these are one of my favorite ice cream bars!12047606_10156737324720377_1705937463_nI noticed in most of the pictures, you can see I’m wearing sweats. I promise I wear normal clothes too, but when you’re sitting at home, you need the comfy clothes on (am I right?)

Anyways, that’s all for me today! I’m heading into the city with Matthias’ mom to go shopping! It should be a fun time! Have a great day and I hope the rest of the week goes well for you! Feel free to share what you’ve been eating lately below!


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