A Day Late

Hi Everyone! I guess my brain isn’t used to posting on a Sunday because I completely forgot to check in yesterday to share my weekend with you! A day late, but at least it’s here!

I’ll be linking up with Katie for Marvelous In My Monday and Erin for Weekend Snapshots. Let’s get started!

So what did my weekend consist of? Way too much chocolate, shopping, and chill time.

Matthias and I started the weekend off with shopping at the outlet mall, at a department store, and at the grocery store. As I mentioned on Friday, I bought new pair of Nike’s and a casual pair of sneakers from the brand Esprit. The latter pair make me feel like Ellen Degeneres a little bit!12032542_10156737324680377_41994601_nI also have clown feet and I find these sneakers really emphasize that. Nonetheless, I am really starting to like them.

We also did our food shopping for the week on Friday. While there, we picked up a treat for Saturday night that we devoured in less than 20 minutes while watching Get Hard. 12041938_10156737324675377_739137831_n 12047715_10156737324710377_1610652107_nIt was alright. I mean ice cream is always good, but this flavor just didn’t really do it for me. I also ate all of the Toffifees! They’re just so good that I can never stop at one! The movie was also alright. I mean it was what I expected it to be. I laughed quite a few times too.

Sunday afternoon we took a walk around his neighborhood. He took me on a different loop that I ended up running the next day in the rain. When we got home, we started making lasagna. This was the first time both of us had made it so we used a package. It turned out pretty good! It definitely wasn’t my mom’s, but it wasn’t bad. We ate it while watching football (soccer) of course.12023210_10156737387515377_1194559950_nAll in all, it was very relaxing. I’d love to hear how you spent your weekend!


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