Weekly Meal Plan 9/20

Hello! How is everyone’s weekend going? We’ve had a pretty low-key weekend in my neck of the woods, but those are fun too every now and then.

Anyways, since Matthias and I have been planning our meals since I’ve been here, I thought I would start sharing our weekly plans. Everything from our first week was really tasty so let’s get to it!

Sunday: out to eat with Matthias’ family at a Greek restaurant. I didn’t take a picture of my food, but I had the turkey souvlaki with a salad and fries. It was really good!

Monday: chicken, broccoli, penne pasta and pesto. I don’t have a picture of this either because I was starving when I sat down, but it was also really good. We cooked everything then threw it all together with some pesto. It was quick and simple.

Tuesday: breakfast for supper! We made bacon pancakes and pancakes with Kinder chocolate in them. We ate them in front of the tv so he could watch the football (soccer) game. I’ve watched more soccer this past week than in all my life combined. I’m actually starting to enjoy it even if I don’t really know what’s happening. 12021865_10156730019335377_1228381550_nWednesday: pesto salmon with rice and broccoli. As you can see, we like pesto. We put some on top of salmon before putting it in the oven to cook. We paired it with basmati rice and broccoli. I never really liked rice, but this stuff is really nice and moist!12028945_10156730019320377_1897217407_nThursday: chicken with rice and broccoli. Besides pesto, we also like rice and broccoli apparently. It’s just easy to cook and goes great with everything!12026492_10156730019315377_1338391802_nFriday: not pictured, but we had a BBQ with his parents. I had potato salad, bean salad, turkey, veggies, and a German hot dog. All of it was super tasty!

Saturday: “chicken” cordon bleu with rosemary potato wedges. I put chicken in quotation marks because we actually used pork. They turned out really good! 12021962_10156730019325377_25498471_nAll in all, it was a very good week of food! I can’t wait to share what we make this week with you next Sunday! Let me know if you enjoy posts like this. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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