WIAW #39

Good Afternoon! How is everyone’s week going? I’m slowly adjusting to the time change and my new environment.

As always, on Wednesdays we wear pink! Just kidding, unless you do then kudos to you! I always share a day of my eats on Wednesday! It’s one of my favorite days of the week because I’m nosy and like looking at other people’s food. I’d like to thank the amazing creator Jenn for this link up. It makes my nosiness even easier! Let’s get to it!

What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday

BreakyI’ve been waking up later than I usually do since I still have jet lag so my breakfast is more at lunch time by the time I get up, workout and shower. I’ve also not been as hungry as usual. Yesterday, I had a piece of toast with avocado and a fried egg!12021728_10156716257885377_1575738456_nSnacks: My afternoons have been spent studying German so my snacks yesterday were MyProtein Bites in Spicy Paprika, a piece of Apple Cake that Matthias’ mom made, and two rice cakes with crunchy peanut butter and banana. 12026450_10156716257905377_901219522_n 12022968_10156716257900377_1360496416_n 11992198_10156716257895377_659736931_nSupper: Pancakes! Matthias and I made bacon pancakes and pancakes with Kinder chocolate inside all topped with the maple syrup I brought from Canada!12030941_10156716257890377_1524114894_nSnack: a Magnum classic while I skyped with my sister12033703_10156716257910377_1361744188_nThose were my eats yesterday! What did you eat yesterday? Anything that was super tasty? Let me know!


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