Friday Favorites #23: Week of 9/11

Good Morning! How is everyone doing? Ready for the weekend?

I’m on my way! I’m currently coming to you from the airport while waiting for my flight. I already had a delay so my first flight is around 1 now instead of 6 in the morning. I’m not too worried since I was suppose to have 11 hours in my next airport anyways. Now that I’m through security I am starting to get nervous. Having never flown before, that process was really nerve wrecking, but I made it through!

Anyways, today is Friday so it’s time to share some favorites! As always, a big thank you to our gracious host Heather. Time to get started!

  • seeing friends

Since I worked all summer, I didn’t have much time to spend with my friends. This past week has been a lot of hanging out with people I really care about. It sucks because I’m leaving now and won’t see them again, but it was really nice to spend sometime with almost all of them. Tuesday, I headed to see some of my friends at uni and I got to see the two little girls that I used to babysit. It was so nice to see them even if it was only for a short time.11998591_10156697544325377_1827249856_n

  • good food

12016650_10156697544330377_332918100_nSeeing my friends also meant a lot of eating out. A bunch of us went out to a Greek restaurant that is delicious! I also went out with my sister and friend to an Italian restaurant the second to last night I had. I ordered the Bacon and Eggs Pizza and it was really tasty! They make them in the fire ovens and no two are the same. I was able to watch the chef throw the dough in the air to make the pizza! We finished off with a piece of Oreo Cheesecake. Their cheesecakes are really tasty because they also have layers of cake inside! 11998531_10156697560770377_1753762868_n

  • dressing up

Since I didn’t go out with people all that much this summer, I didn’t take the time to get ready. On Wednesday night, I put some time in to curl my hair and actually put make up on. It was really fun to do after not doing it for awhile!11995552_10156692622360377_1471644338_n

  • hair cut

I got my hair cut on Thursday and it was great! I always wait way too long to get it done so I had about three inches of split ends. I ended up getting all three inches taken off and it feels amazing. My hairdresser was amazing and so personable! I had never been to see her or the salon for that matter, but I’ll hopefully be returning in the future!

Well that’s all from me today! I’m going to start reading the book I brought for the trip. My sister said it was really good so I’m excited. I can’t remember the last time I read a book that wasn’t a textbook.

Have a good weekend! I’ll check in from Germany when I get the chance!

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