WIAW #36: almost a fail

Good Morning! How is everyone’s week going? Mine is dragging by, but I’m super happy to be off today! I am starting to cherish my final days off. I leave in 16 days so still have a lot to do! If anyone has any packing tips, I would love to hear them! I’m really bad and leave it to the last minute because I think I’ll need everything even when I don’t.

Anyways, today is Hump Day which means I get to show you what I ate earlier in the week! I didn’t get pictures of all my food, but did get quite a few! As always, a humongous thank you to Jenn for creating and to Laura who will be hosting this week! Let’s get into it!

What I Ate Wednesday Monday

Breaky: Snickerdoodle Fluffcake topped with White Chocolate Dreams peanut butter and Walden FarmsIMG_2288Lunch: chicken, green beans and mini potatoes (unpictured) as well as some celery with peanut butter (this is definitely not what mine looked like, but thanks Pinterest for such a super cute picture!)145312lrgSupper: leftover hamburger and zucchini from Sunday (Fun Fact: the zucchini was inhaled as soon as I walked in the door after the gym which is why there is no picture)IMG_2292Snack: Snickerdoodle Protein Sludge (protein powder mixed with a little bit of water then stuck in the freezer to get colder) and some ice cream with oreos (the sludge was also inhaled pretty quickly so no picture and the ice cream picture is a recycled picture, told you I failed at pictures on this day)11897165_10156610658470377_166795690_nOverall, it was a pretty good day of eats! Have a great day!!


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