A Weekend Off

Good Morning Everyone! Anyone else find the weekend passed way too quick? I had the past two days off and spent it at various family things. I’m 18 days out from flying to Germany so the family time was appreciated since I don’t know if I’ll see most of them before I go!

I’ll be linking up with Katie for Marvelous in my Monday and Erin for Weekend Snapshots. Thanks ladies! And now let’s recap my marvelous weekend!

Saturday morning I was up early to knock out a leg workout before heading to the market for some raw treats. I picked up my favorite Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bar as well as a Salted Caramel Torte that was delicious! I wish I took a picture, but they were inhaled too quickly. I need to know how she made her crust for the torte. I also made it to the bank to pick up some Euros! Aren’t they so pretty!IMG_2287

The exchange rate isn’t the best, but I knew I should have some. Afterwards, I headed to the post office to send something that has to do with my student loans, yippee..

Following all my errands, I headed to my Grammie’s to help bring stuff to set up for our family reunion. I didn’t know many people, but there was a lot of good food that I ate! The rest of that evening I took it easy and relaxed.

Sunday started much like Saturday with an early morning workout. This time I did a quick 20-minute HIIT workout. Afterwards, I headed to a diner for breakfast with two of my friends from work. I always love spending time with them! Following this, it was cottage time! I’ve only been out to the cottage twice this summer and both weren’t for very long. IMG_2284

When we first got there, we spent some time with my cousin and her family before they left for home. Following their departure, my two other cousins and their families showed up so my sister and I spent time with them. We BBQed for lunch! Just as we were to leave, my aunt and uncle finally arrived so we spent a few minutes chatting with them before heading to another commitment. IMG_2285

Last night, was one of my other cousin’s wedding shower. Since I leave the day before her wedding, it was nice to celebrate her big day. I made it home around 8 and after two days of constantly being around people, it was nice to relax at home before crawling into bed early.

Have a good Monday! I’ll be back on Wednesday with a look at my eats from today!


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