WIAW #35

Good Morning! How is everyone doing? It has been hot, hot hot the past few days and the next few days are looking to be the same. Working long hours in the heat has definitely kicked me in the butt. Yesterday I had the day off after 5 days on and I’m back for another 3 starting today. The good news is that I’m off Saturday and Sunday! This is my first weekend off that I haven’t booked off all summer!

In true Wednesday fashion, it’s time for a full day of my eats! As always, a big, big thank you to Jenn for creating this link up and to Arman for hosting this week! I won’t keep you waiting any longer, it’s time to dive right in!

What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday

Pre-workout Snack: cinnamon raisin English muffin with peanut butter and banana11874217_10156610658455377_1309897529_nLunch: eggs with zucchini11872760_10156610658495377_1752789406_nSnacks: peanut butter chocolate chip cookie, Cinnamon Twist Combat Crunch Bar, Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Smash blizzard made with chocolate ice cream11121384_10156610658465377_1947668471_n 11872906_10156610658460377_1944600452_n 11868858_10156610658480377_1743611075_nSupper: BBQed burgers with all the fixings on a toasted whole wheat bun11908250_10156610658475377_1442014409_nDessert: peanut butter rice crispy square and two fun size chocolate bars11873979_10156610658490377_1574165561_n 11897203_10156610658485377_2026281260_nBedtime Snack: ice cream with oreos11897165_10156610658470377_166795690_nAnd that’s all she wrote! What have you been reaching for in the kitchen lately?


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