Another Weekend Spent Working

Good Morning! How was your weekend?

I worked all weekend, but it was still great. I managed to eat some good food and find a new delicious treat! But first, can we talk about the fact that as of tomorrow, I’ll be a month away from flying to Germany! How crazy is that?! I’m off until Wednesday so I plan on starting to get my butt in gear. I need to start making lists of what I need to do before I leave, what I need to pack, and some other things. I know the next month is going to fly by so I really need to start taking advantage of my days off!

And back to the regularly scheduled program… it’s time for a weekend update and to talk about all the marvelous things! I’ll be linking up with Katie and Erin today so head over to there if you want to see other weekend updates.

Friday morning started with “sleeping in” until 7. Most morning, I get up early to head to the gym, but I needed the extra sleep that morning. Work was good and went pretty quickly! I had plans to hit a shoulders and abs workout after work, but decided just to take the night off.

Saturday was a different story, I was up at 4:30 to go to the gym. Afterwards, I headed to the market, but soon realized that the vendor I wanted to go to wasn’t there this weekend. I headed home and made breakfast before going into work. There was a lot to do at work on Saturday and I don’t think I ever really slowed down until the late afternoon. Following work, I had to head to get a few groceries to make some food for Sunday’s shift. While I was there I picked this beauty up!DSCF1786I had some Saturday night after eating some chicken. This is easily my new favorite ice cream! I had never tried B&J’s before, but as soon as I saw this I knew I needed to! If you see this at your store, I recommend you pick it up! The cookie dough and fudge brownie pieces are huge! After making my food for Sunday, I headed to my friend’s party. I only stayed about twenty minutes, but it was nice to see some of my friends! I headed home and was in bed at a decent time.

Sunday morning looked like Friday morning. I had plans to go to the gym before work, but my bed and sleep sounded better. I don’t let this get to me or feel guilty about missing a workout. Sometimes, you just need a day off! Yesterday was a lot less busy of a day, but still went really quickly surprisingly! The weather yesterday was not the type of weather where you would want to be in water. UntitledAfter work, I relaxed hard and had some more of the ice cream from Saturday as well as some pancakes. Great end to a weekend!

Now I’m starting off my week with three days off! I’m heading for lunch with my friend Steph later and afterwards will be driving to my mom’s to spend the night there. She has an eye appointment tomorrow morning and I have to drive her home from that. Other than that, I plan on getting started with some travel preparations that I mentioned above.

I’m off to the gym now! Have an awesome Monday!

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