WIAW #32

Hey Everyone! Happy Hump Day!! Anyone else find this week flying by? I’m heading back into work for the next five days, but wanted to share what I ate on Monday beforehand. As always, a huge thank you to Jenn for being the fearless leader of this link up!

What I Ate Wednesday Monday

Breaky: two pieces of French toast and eggs eaten at Starbucks while sipping on green tea. I headed out early to go to Starbucks so I could get some work done!DSCF1697Snack: a few hours later, I returned home and made a Quest cinnamon roll. I used the Cinnamon Roll Quest bar and then mixed Greek yogurt, cream cheese and cinnamon for the icing. I also topped it with some caramelDSCF1703Lunch #1: an over easy fried egg on top of some broccoli with a piece of toastDSCF1704Lunch #2: chicken burger with cheese and mustard on a lettuce bunDSCF1706Pre-workout: caramel rice cake with peanut butter (realized when I had one bite left that I didn’t take a picture)DSCF1711Post-workout: Greek yogurt with blueberriesDSCF1712Supper/Snack: Beltsander brownie with melted peanut butter, cream cheese and chocolate chipsDSCF1713I also had an unpictured bowl of ice cream later on!

Enjoy the rest of your week! I’ll be back on Friday with some favorites and a Day in the Life post!


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