Marvelous Meal Prep

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

I worked Saturday and Sunday so nothing too exciting happened on my end. I’m heading into work again today and tomorrow, so I am looking forward to Wednesday! I have three days off in a row, which is going to be nice!

In today’s edition of MIMM, I’m going to talk about some meal prep I did on Friday to make my 4 days of working much more enjoyable. I also want to talk about a couple new food items I picked up and tried! As always, a big thank you to Katie for hosting this great link up to start the week off great!

On Friday afternoon, I spent some time meal prepping, making donuts, and trying out some yummy, new finds! As I mentioned in Friday’s post, I was up and finished the gym early so I had a relaxing morning before heading out to pick up some groceries. Walmart was having some good deals on produce so I headed there. I may end up going there every week for produce now! A lot cheaper than my go to grocery store. After leaving Walmart, I was on the hunt for coconut butter. I was going to be trying out a recipe and needed a bottle of it. I popped into a local health food store for the first time and it was like heaven. So many things I wanted to try! I found the coconut butter and also picked up some Shirataki Tofu Spaghetti Noodles to try. I had seen someone talking about them on YouTube and have been intrigued ever since.

When I got home, I set to work. I steamed about a pound of broccoli, cooked up some ground turkey, and cut a bunch of vegetables. I’ll be having seven breaks over the four days so I wanted to prepare for those. DSCF1662The three with to the left with broccoli on top have ground turkey or chicken breast and rice. The four with chicken on top are salads with romaine, grape tomatoes, yellow/orange pepper, and cucumber. On the right is all of the leftover broccoli I have left! I also still have some grape tomatoes, romaine, and a chicken breast leftover that I’ll have as an early lunch before work tomorrow since I only go in at 12.

Following all of this, I got started on a late lunch that also lasted me for supper. I cooked the noodles mentioned above, then added it to some pasta sauce that I made that had ground turkey, orange/yellow peppers, and Classico’s Tomato and Basil pasta sauce! It was sooo good! The noodles have the best macros! For the entire package which is two servings, there is only 6C/1F/2P! If you can find these near you, I’d recommend them! They obviously don’t taste like legit spaghetti, but they are pretty similar and I actually prefer the taste of them.DSCF1668After lunch, I got to work on the recipe I wanted to try. Snickerdoodle Protein Donuts from Peanut Butter Plus Chocolate. In her recipe, she made 4 donuts, but mine ended up making 18! My silicon donut pan makes smaller donuts I guess. I ended up taking 8 into work and everyone loved them! For each one, there was 3C/2F/5P. Ciarra has plenty of other recipes that I’m dying to try! Maybe I’ll make something else on my days off this week!

I also wanted to mention a new peanut butter that I tried. I picked up Peanut Butter & Co’s White Chocolate Wonder peanut butter while at Walmart. I’ve had it on a spoon, on waffles, and on a rice cake and I really like it. I can’t really taste white chocolate, I just taste that it’s sweeter than normal peanut butter, but it’s really good!DSCF1657That’s all for me today! I hope everyone has a marvelous Monday and I’ll be back on Wednesday with a look at my eats from today!

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