Friday Favorites #15: Week of 7/3

Hello! Good Morning! Is everyone excited that it’s Friday? I’m headed back to work today for the weekend and after having two days off, I’m kind of excited! To my American readers, I hope you all have a great 4th of July!

Today’s post will be about some of my weekly favorites! I have some exciting little bits to talk about today! As always, a big thanks to Heather for creating/hosting this link up. I love going over to her page and see what other people are loving! If you’re like me, head over and check out some new blogs!Friday Favorites Link Up Botton Life In Leggings

  • procheesecake

Yes, you read that right! A lower carb, lower fat, higher protein version of cheesecake! There’s a ton of recipes on YouTube, I personally followed Emily Duncan’s recipe. I’ve been watching her vlogs for a few months and I love how funny she is! I wish I would have kept a closer eye on mine because I kind of overcooked it. My oven must run hot because mine was done way before the allotted time. It still tastes good, just the outer inch is a little dry! Obviously this won’t taste like actual cheesecake, but I really enjoy the taste and is a great way to get in some protein! Mine was cut into 8 pieces and the macros per slice are 11C/3F/20P. It’s best to use a protein powder that is a Whey/Casein blend so that it doesn’t dry out in the oven!DSCF1609

  • packages!

I received my order from on Monday and I am very impressed with the delivery time. It only took 4-5 days! That’s crazy fast! Anyways, I got two PEScience Select Proteins to try as well as a couple boxes of Combat Crunches. The proteins are really good! I’ve tried them in waffles with the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup being the best and I made the procheesecake with Snickerdoodle. I only wish I didn’t have a sample container of the Chocolate Peanut Butter because I would be having it everyday! The Combat Crunch bars are really good too! I prefer them to Quest bars which means I’m in the process of eating all my Quest bars first and saving the other bars. The Cinnamon Twist flavor smells exactly like Cinnamon Toast Crunch and kind of tastes like it too! The Cookie Dough one is my favorite though! It’s so good! I also bought one of the Chocolate Brownie bars, but am trying to save that until I go to Germany so that Matthias and I can both try it! I really hope both the protein and the bars are able to be shipped to Germany because they are going to be my new go-tos.IMG_2183

  • new shaker bottles

I’m always using shaker bottles as water bottles, to mix protein, to drink my amino acids, etc. When I was able to select a free gift from I obviously went with a shaker bottle. I like that there’s a handle on it, plus it gives me an extra when I’ve dirtied my other two!DSCF1616

  • giving blood

I went and donated blood yesterday for my 7th time (it could be my 8th, I don’t remember). I love how appreciative they are of you taking the time to donate. This was actually the first time that I’ve been able to donate consecutively. Usually my iron is too low, so I have to wait an extra two months until it is high enough. I was pretty pumped about that!

  • staff parties

One of my favorite parts about work is the staff parties. Last night, we went bowling and then to a pizza place for their buffet. I always look forward to this staff party because I love garlic fingers and dessert pizza! Well, I went a little overboard last night and my acid reflux wasn’t too happy. Otherwise, it was really fun and the food was a nice treat since I don’t normally eat food like that! We always do a Christmas in July staff party which is my personal favorite. I love Christmas and I love potlucks! In a few weeks when we have this one, I’ll be sure to take it easy so my body doesn’t reject all the food again!

  • iced coffee

I’m not a big coffee drinker, but I love iced coffees. I’ve recently been making my own in the mornings to have on my way to work. As soon as I wake up, I make a cup of instant coffee and then stick it in the fridge (I should just do it at night now that I think about it.) When I’m getting ready to leave for work, I’ll add ice, a splash of cashew milk and one stevia. It is so delicious! I’m trying to limit myself because I don’t want to become addicted to coffee so I’ll only have one 2-3 times a week!DSCF1611Those are my favorites of the week! I’d love to hear what you’ve been loving! Have a great weekend! I’ll be back on Monday after a weekend of working again!


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