Weekend Spent Working

Happy Monday Folks!

For many, Mondays mean back to work, but for me, I have this Monday off! I worked Friday-Sunday so I am very happy to have the day off!

I usually share my Weekend Recap on Mondays, I figured I would skip over the work bits and talk about a few fun things I did on the weekend besides working as well as a couple fun things from this morning! I’ll be linking up with Katie since Mondays are meant to be Marvelous!

Saturday morning I went for breakfast with my mom and an old family friend who I hadn’t seen in over a year! We went to a diner in my town that I’ve been going to since I was a kid! I decided to keep it simple and just go for two poached eggs and two pieces of toast. I didn’t want to load up on sugar when I had to go into work afterwards. Whenever I get eggs at a restaurant, I always get them poached because I’ve always been too afraid to try poaching eggs myself. I also brought my own avocado in to put on the toast. My mom thought I was being weird, but I wanted it and I knew they wouldn’t have it. Please tell me I’m not the only one that does this!

We got done breakfast and I still had an hour and a half before work so I made a trip to the Farmer’s Market. Before work started, I would go every Saturday, but now I work most Saturdays and would have be there at like 7:30 if I wanted to go. There’s a raw booth that one of my coworkers was talking about that I had always wanted to try, but never had. Well, today was the day! I had one of their Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bars and it has become a new favorite! I know I’ll have to go back and get not only another one, but I also want to try some of their other treats! PicMonkey Collage

I also decided to get a cinnamon roll with cream cheese frosting from another booth because I hadn’t had one in forever! Funny how I didn’t get anything heavy at the diner, but ended up getting something sweet anyways. When I was younger and my dad would take me to the market, he would always buy me one of the cinnamon rolls so it always brings back childhood memories when I get them.

That’s all the exciting bits from the weekend, now let’s talk about this morning! I mentioned earlier in this post that I had never poached my own eggs before. Well, I tried to do it this morning and it wasn’t a fail! It turned out really well!IMG_2172

I also went grocery shopping and picked up a few goodies to try. I bought Chocolate Peanut Butter, Apple Pie Greek Yogurt, and Watermelon Ice Cream!IMG_2174

I’ve already tried the peanut butter and it was delicious! I’m hoping to try the other two today as well so I can mention them in my WIAW post this week. Since I work tomorrow, I’m going to do my eats from today!

That’s all from me today, I’m off to hit a workout at the gym! I’d love to hear about your weekend! Did you do anything exciting? Did you have a relaxing weekend? Let me know!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Spent Working

  1. That chocolate pb bar looks absolutely amazing. And I’m so jealous you have today off but totally deserved after a weekend of work. No crazy plans this past weekend but I kept pretty busy and it seemed to go by way too fast! Hope you have a great day!

    1. It was! I’d love to try and make it myself, but I know it won’t turn out as well as the original. Weekends always seem to be way too fast eh? Hope you have a great day too! πŸ™‚

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