WIAW #27

Happy Hump Day Everyone!! I don’t know about you, but my week is flying by! I had the day off yesterday so I took it pretty easy and managed to capture all of my food on camera. I think this may be the first time I have a picture for everything! As always, a big thanks to Jenn for starting this link up and Arman for hosting this week! This is one of my favorite link ups because I love food and it gives me ideas for future meals! If you’re like me and want to look at other people’s food, click on the link above to head over to the party! Let’s get started!

What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday

Breaky: I had my favorite turkey bacon, egg and zucchini lettuce wraps IMG_2128

Snack: Quest bar in Cookies and CremeIMG_2129

Lunch: I made a Pumpkin Protein Smoothie Bowl which ended up making so much that I ate 3/4 of it pre-workout and the rest post-workout. Xantham gum is no joke when it comes to making things have more volume!IMG_2130

Pre-supper Snack: I was a little hungry while making my chicken so I snacked on a caramel rice cake with the last of my caramel greek yogurt cream cheeseIMG_2131

Supper: I was still pretty full so I only ate around 6:30. I had some grilled chicken breast to keep me full until my last snackIMG_2132

Snack: I wanted to make this fit so bad today so I planned my entire day around it… Jurassic Smash Blizzard! It was so worth it! Peanut butter cookies and cookie dough blended up with ice cream! If you are able to try it, I would definitely recommend it!IMG_2134

Even though it doesn’t look like I ate that much yesterday, I wasn’t super hungry at all. I waited a couple hours after I woke up to have breakfast so my lunch only ended up being eaten around 2. If I’m able to do this, I will. I can’t do it when I’m working, but my days off I’d like to start doing it. I get a lot more hungry in the evening so holding off on breakfast lets me have more macros to work with when I get super hungry!

Hope everyone has a great day! Feel free to share what you ate yesterday or today!!


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