Weekend Recap #5

Hi Friends! How was your weekend and how has your Monday been? I have had a great day! Since my day has been so marvelous, I thought I would link up with Katie again this week! Let’s get into the recap!


Friday I had the last day of preseason work. I worked 9-5 and was able to finish stocking the gift shops. Following work, I went home and Facetimed with Matthias before heading to my friend’s house to make t-shirts for House Crawl on Saturday.


I woke up early and went to the gym at 7 with my sister. Following the gym, we had breakfast then headed to do some grocery shopping. We went to Costco and a grocery store. Following this, I made a BBQ Chicken Pizza on a pita.IMG_2117

After relaxing for a little bit, I got to work at making some food for a BBQ Potluck. I had planned to make Red Velvet Cake Brownies from Julie’s recipe. I had made it in the past and it was delicious! For whatever reason this time, they started to fall apart when I went to ice them. I changed my plan to Brownie Balls dipped in chocolate. I also made Katie’s Cookie Dough Dip that I had also made before. I changed the way I made it a little bit and I liked the way it came out!IMG_2119IMG_2122

With my goodies in hand, I headed to my friend’s house to start the festivities. I’m happy say my Brownie Balls turned out to be a success! Also, people liked my dip too so that was good! This was the start of House Crawl 2015! We started doing these three years ago and it’s so fun to get together with my friends. Like a pub crawl, we go to different venues. In this case it is three of my friend’s houses. It was a really fun night. I’m turning into a grandma and am in bed fairly early so staying out later on Saturday was a little tough. All in all, it was great!IMG_2123


Sunday morning I was up and at work early for customer service training. It was a good learning experience even though I knew most of what was being said. Following this, I stayed a little longer to do some stock in the food areas. I met my sister at the gym after this for a Back and Bis workout. My sister took a picture of me and I am so proud of the progress I’ve made. I’m looking forward to seeing what changes I make throughout the rest of the summer!IMG_2126

I’d love to hear how your weekend was! Did you do anything fun?

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