Friday Favorites #12: Week of 6/12

Hello and Happy Friday! Is anyone else looking forward to the weekend? I know I am! Once I’m off at 5, I’ll be very happy!

Overall, I had a great week at work, but I am looking forward to next week even more! We open on Monday and I couldn’t be more excited! Pre-season work is over after today, I have tomorrow off then I’m back to work on Sunday for customer service training. Then, I work Monday-Wednesday and Saturday of next week! Next week is also payday so I’m looking forward to that as well!

Today I’ll be sharing some of the things I’ve been loving. As always, a big thank you to Heather for hosting this weekly link up! If you are interested in seeing what other people have as favourites you should check out her link up! I’d also love to know what you have been enjoying, so if you’d like to share in the comments, that would be awesome!

And now, on to my favorites!

  • wrapping things in lettuce

This might sound weird, but I have been loving lettuce wraps! For breakfast as shown in my WIAW, I put egg and turkey bacon in them. I also had fish earlier in the week and I’ve done tacos that way before too! It gives it a nice crunch, but I’m getting some more greens in.IMG_2111

  • my new glasses

My new glasses came in a few weeks ago and they are my favorite! I hadn’t gotten new glasses many years so when these came in, I was very happy!IMG_2096

  • overnight oats

I had this in my WIAW too, but I had forgotten how much I love overnight oats! I have been making them with Cellucor’s Peanut Butter Marshmallow protein and it turns out so good! I definitely want to start having them a could times a week. They’re good as a pre-workout meal too!IMG_2116

  • Vanilla Cupcake Goldfish

When I used to babysit at school, the girl’s always had these and I may have stolen a few every now and then. They were on sale this week so I bought a bag. They are really tasty and good when you want something that is a little sweet! IMG_2109

I’m off to go get ready for work! I hope everyone has a great weekend! Share some of your faves in the comments!


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