My Favorite…

Hello! I wanted to do a Friday Favorites post today, but work drained me and I didn’t have time to do a post up last night. I’m not in the greatest mood currently so I don’t really want to do up a Friday Favorites post right now. Instead, I found a survey that I’m going to fill out! I haven’t done one of these in a hot minute so let’s get the show on the road. Since I’m still talking about favorites, I thought I might as well link up with Heather!

My Favorite…

Song that amps me up to workout: Not Afraid – Eminem, or any kind of rap if I’m lifting weights. If I’m running, I like pop/dance songs more.

Way to eat eggs: sunny side up, poached, scrambled… anyway at all, I love eggs!

Podcast: I like Psychobabble, it’s by a Youtuber that I watch Tyler Oakley! It’s a lot of pop culture stuff and is absolutely hilarious

Kind of date: something active, bowling, mini golf, even just going to the gym together (I’m so lame haha)

App: I could spend hours on Instagram, but I also really like Snapchat

Item in my closet: my boyfriend’s sweater he left me when he went back to Germany. It’s so comfy!

Pizza topping: pineapple and pepperoni or bbq chicken!

Sorry for the short post! I’ll be back on Monday in a better mood with a longer post!


2 thoughts on “My Favorite…

  1. Hi Katie from a new reader. I stopped by because the name of your blog is awesome! We have a love for eggs in common. Nothing wrong with short posts 🙂

    Have a fantastic weekend!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jill! Are they not one of the best foods?! There’s so many different ways of eating them so I never am sick of them! Hope you’re having a great weekend as well 🙂

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