Friday Favorites #11: Week of 5/29

Good morning friends! How is everyone doing today? Anyone excited that it is Friday? There’s just something about waking up on Friday that puts me in the best mood!

Today I’m going to share a few of my favorites from the past couple of weeks! I’m linking up with Heather if you want to look at even more favorites! I love these kinds of posts because it opens me up to new things I haven’t seen before.

  • graduation

Wednesday afternoon I walked across the stage and received my diploma! It still hasn’t hit me that I’m a university graduate and that I’m all finished school. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology if anyone was wondering.IMG_2074

The day started bright and early when I couldn’t sleep anymore at 6:40. I decided to go for a run to help with my jitters (it didn’t help btw).IMG_2028

Afterwards, I made protein french toast and started to get ready.IMG_2032

I wish I had of taken a selfie because my hair and makeup was on point when I left the house! Before graduation, my faculty held a luncheon for the graduates and their guests which was awesome because it meant I could eat a ton of food before the ceremony. Following the ceremony, my family and I went to my favorite bar and grill for burgers. I had the Hawaiian burger which comes with sweet and sour sauce, swiss cheese, and a pineapple slice. Following supper, I was able to go see t he girls that I babysat all year before heading home and going to bed. I wish I had of taken more photos from this day since it is a once in a lifetime thing, but I was completely caught up in the moment and was always on the go.

  • gym

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I love having a set routine in the gym! I used to just go in and do what I felt like, but having a plan when I get there makes things go more smoothly. There are times when I change an exercise or two because a certain machine or bench is taken and I don’t feel like waiting, but for the most part, it’s pretty similar to what is written down. I’ve noticed to see some muscle growth in my shoulders and quads so I’m pretty happy about that. I wish I had of taken some before photos so I could compare myself at certain points, but I forgot. I might taken some tomorrow and then I can compare later on.

  • waffle maker

As a graduation present to myself, I finally bought myself a waffle maker! I bought it last night and have used it only once, but I am so happy with it!IMG_2081

I’m going to make one after I’m done with this post for breakfast. I always love waffles and am definitely a waffles over pancakes kind of girl! IMG_2082

  • microwave protein brownie

Up until a couple of days ago, I was making one of these almost everyday. They’re so quick and can satisfy my nightly sweets craving. They’re also super easy to make! I combine 1 scoop of chocolate protein, 1 TBSP of cocoa powder, 1/2 tsp of baking powder, and 1/4 cup of almond milk. After mixing, I put it in the microwave for 30 seconds and it’s done! When it comes out, the center is still soft and gooey, but the edges are a little firm. It’s awesome!

  • Grumpy Weather app

Have any of you guys seen this app? I just recently downloaded it and it’s pretty hilarious! It’s a weather app, but tells you the weather in a grumpy way (hence the name of the app.) Currently where I am, it’s 11 degrees (Celsius!) and cloudy. The app tells me “it’s grey outside… wonderful.”

Have a great Friday and a even greater weekend! Let me know what you’re up to this weekend!


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