Blog Birthday + My Birthday

Good Morning! I had full intentions of doing a WIAW, but completely failed in the photo department yesterday. My plan is to document my meals today and pop in tonight or tomorrow morning with a recap of what I ate today.

When I went onto my WordPress account yesterday, I had a notification saying Happy Anniversary! I had completely forgotten that yesterday was my 2nd Blog Birthday! In all honestly, it’s hard for me to accept that since I always fail at blogging during the school year. The neat thing about my blog birthday is that it is two days before my birthday! That’s right, my 22nd birthday is tomorrow! That is also mind blowing to me. When did I get so old? I have some fun plans for tomorrow that I’m sure you’ll hear about.

Anyways, I just wanted to say thanks to those that come back and read my posts. It really means a lot and I love talking to the people that leave comments!

Have a good day! Hope you’re looking forward to seeing my eats later!

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