Weekend Recap

Good Morning! I hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready to start a new week! I’m one that looks forward to Mondays. It’s a day to start fresh if you went a little crazy on the weekend and start the week out on the right foot. I wanted to share what I got up to this weekend, nothing crazy except for maybe the eating. I forgot to take pictures so it’s a little wordy without things being broken up by a photo.

As I mentioned in my last post, I was at my mom’s for the night on Friday. Her boyfriend had to replace the water pump in my car. When he got started, he noticed it wasn’t actually the water pump, but my radiator! The part where the hose attaches had completely rusted off which led to coolant leaking. This meant he had to wait until the morning to go get the part he actually needed.

Since my trip was extended a few hours, I decided to go into town with my mom to Shoppers Drug Mart for their annual Spring Gala. I had a hand massage, had my skin looked at and had a makeup application done. During the skin analysis, I learned that most people’s faces have dehydrated skin. The woman put this wand on my face and I learned that the percentage of moisture was 38.5%. You want the number to be as close to 40% as possible so it was nice to know my face wasn’t that dehydrated. I want to start taking care of my skin better, so this was fun to learn about.

When we got back from the Gala, my car was fixed so I packed up and headed home. Saturday night, my sister and her girlfriend headed to a few stores. I finally have a food scale! I’m so excited to start tracking my macros more accurately! It was an early birthday present from my mom and I could not be more excited!!

As for Sunday, I bought some groceries and pigged out a lot. I haven’t been eating the greatest and plan to start eating better today so I didn’t really care what I was eating. I have definitely been seeing a difference in my energy levels and general feeling so I am excited to start fueling myself with more nutritious options.

This weekend, the weather was beautiful! It is finally more spring-like. It has been sunny since Friday and the temperature has been in the low teens. Today, it is suppose to reach 20 degrees! I’m planning to do a little home workout and to go for a run later on! This weather makes me so excited for summer!!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!!

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