That’s Life

Hey guys, long time no chat! I thought today I would fill you in what I’ve been up to the past week and a bit.

Last Tuesday night, Matthias and I went out to a German restaurant. I learned that sauerkraut does not agree with me or my acid reflux. I spent all Tuesday night and Wednesday morning being sick to my stomach (TMI?). To go with this, the stomach flu was going around residence and I caught that too! This really sucked as it was my last couple of days at school and I had to spend it in bed. I missed out on a House Team supper and one last night out. It also made moving home on Thursday awful. Matthias also caught it so we were both hurting pretty bad.

Thursday we made it home and proceeded to lay in bed the rest of the night which was nice. Friday afternoon I had a dentist appointment and I started to unpack. I overdid it though and was in bed that night and most of Saturday again. My sister was awesome and brought us some chicken and popcicles. Matthias and I both needed protein since we had only been eating carbs for what felt like forever.

Sunday we were feeling better and headed to my mom’s for my sister’s birthday dinner. I had a little steak, salmon, and veggies. I was not feeling the best afterwards, but waking up Monday I felt the best I had in a week. Matthias and I went out for lunch at my favourite Cafe over town and we bought some groceries afterwards.

The weather was pretty awful the past week so we did not really do much. I made tacos Monday night, pasta on Tuesday, honey garlic chicken on Wednesday, and last night we went to an Italian restaurant. Yesterday was Matthias’ last full day in Canada so we wanted to have a little date night. The food was okay, but the dessert stole the show! The restaurant does homemade cheesecake and cakes. We went for the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cake and it was soooo good! It had layers of chocolate mousse, chocolate cake, and cookie dough cheesecake. It was so rich that we couldn’t finish it so I still have some for tomorrow.


I would finish it today, but I’ll be at my mom’s for the night and it’s back at my dad’s. Last night we also finished watching Full House. We started it from the beginning during the fall semester. I always get attached to characters so I cried when it was over. Is anyone looking forward to Fuller House? I know I am! I can’t wait for it to come to Netflix!!

Early this morning, Matthias and I headed back to where our university is so I could take him to the airport. I had not been looking forward to this day because I hate goodbyes. I knew it was going to be hard since I won’t be able to see him until I go to Germany in September. I’ve actually done well so far today. I haven’t completely broken down yet. We’re both counting down the days until we’re back together. The summer is going to suck, but I’m taking it one day at a time.

That brings me to now. After I dropped him off, I came to mom’s where I’ll be for the night. I’ll be making supper soon and following that, my mom’s boyfriend will be fixing my car. I’m hoping to distract myself until I go to bed since I can’t text Matthias until tomorrow morning. I’m hoping to plan out my sister’s workout program and watch a couple of episodes of Nashville.

Have a good weekend!


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